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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

90dt Fast Cargo/Tanker Shuttle, TL10/12, AF4, 61dt cargo, 6G thrust,18EP avail., 21.439McrImp

90dt Shuttle, Cargo*

*Note: The above deckplan is exactly the same as the 95dt Cargo Shuttle, except prortionally smaller. This vessel can easily be converted into a tanker shuttle by flooding the cargo area with L-Hyd. (unpurified). In the case of BMC Inc., when this is done, after the shuttle has scooped a load of fuel, it docks with the freighter and feeds the fuel through the on-board fuel purification plant.

90dt TL10, HP=36, 4.5Mcr.
     +Streamlining, +0.45Mcr.
     +Armor: AF4 Crystal-Iron armor (5%), 4.5dt, 0.99Mcr.
     +Aerofins (DM+2, atmo.): 4.5dt, 0.45Mcr.
     +Radiation Shielding, +2.25Mcr.
Total Hull: 81dt avail., HP=36, AF4, SS, SL, RS, Atmo.+2,

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement = 18EP

     Engineering (TL12):
Gravitic M-drive, 6G thrust, 54EP, 5.4dt, 10.8Mcr.
     (Each drive: 3G thrust, 27EP, 2.7dt, 5.4Mcr.)
Fusion-12 Power Plant, 90EP, 6dt, 6Mcr.
     (Each p.p.: 45EP, 3dt, 3Mcr.)
Fuel for both power plants: 1dt (4 weeks)
     (Each 0.5dt tank)
Fuel Purification Plant, 12dt/day, 0.6dt, 0.03Mcr.
     (Each 6dt/day, 0.3dt, 0.015MCr.)
Total Engineering: 6G thrust, 36EP avail., 13dt, {16.83Mcr.~14.3055McrImp}

Bridge: TL10
Standard (DM-4), 6dt, 0.5Mcr.
     Computer: Model 1, R5, 0.03Mcr.
Total Controls: 6dt, {0.53Mcr.~0.5035McrImp}

Weapons: none

Cargo*: 61dt

Staterooms: none

Extras: Airlock: 1dt, {0.2Mcr.~0.15McrImp}

Totals (90dt, HP=36, AF4, SS, SL, RS, Atmo.+2, 18EP avail., DM-4, R5, 6G thrust, 95dt,


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