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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

400dt TL8-9 Subsidized Merchant, Type R, Mk1, "Fat Trader"

This vessel serves clusters of worlds, and while the technology in the Mark One is obsolete by Imperial standards, the ship meets all safety standards, is easily serviced on lower technology worlds, and is endorsed by the Traveller's Aid Society Safety Bureau.

Hull: TL9, 400dt, Streamlined, Hull 5/Structure 5, 17.6Mcr.
     Self-sealing option add-on: +4Mcr.
     Armor: none
Total Hull: 400dt, 21.6Mcr.

TL9, Type B jump drive, J-1, 15dt, 20Mcr.
TL8, Type B gravitic m-drive, 1G accel., 6dt, 11.1429Mcr.
TL8, Type B reaction m-drive, 1G accel., 3dt, 3.7143Mcr.
TL8, Type B fusion power plant, P-1, 8.75dt, 14.8714Mcr.
     Emergency Power Backup, 0.875dt, 1.4857Mcr.
     Extendible Solar Panels, 0.875dt, 0.0813Mcr.
Total Engineering: 34.5dt+0.5dt space, 51.2965Mcr. (51.3Mcr.)

Bridge, TL9, standard, 20dt, 2Mcr.
     Computer: Model 2, R10, 0.16Mcr.
     Basic Civilian Sensors: DM-2, 1dt, 0.05Mcr.
Total Controls et al: 21dt, 2.21Mcr.

Weapons: Two Hardpoints, 2dt.

Fuel: 53dt (1ea. J-1; 6.5 weeks duration, or 1G-h reaction mass and 1.5 weeks dur.)

Cargo: 205dt
Staterooms: 13ea., 52dt, 6.5Mcr.
Low Berths: 9ea., 4.5dt, 0.45Mcr.
Escape Pods: 13ea, 6.5dt, 1.3Mcr.
Fuel Processor: 20dt fuel per day, 1dt, 0.05Mcr.
Launch: 20dt. Some merchants fore-go the launch and add streamlined and shaped fuel tankage providing an additional 20dt of fuel (for +2G-h of reaction mass).

Vessel Totals: 400dt, 83.41Mcr9 (58.387McrImp.)

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