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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Rocinante, 400dt Torpedo Gunship, TL9

Reinterpreted for the 57th century (Traveller Standard Universe)

Tachi-class 400dt Torpedo Gunship

400dt Hull, TL10, HP=160, close structure, standard hull, 20Mcr.
     +Self-sealing, +4Mcr.
     +AP=6, Chrystal-Iron, (7.5%), 30dt, 6Mcr.
     +Stealth (DM-4), +40Mcr.
     +Radiation Shielding (1Krads), 10Mcr.
Total Hull: 400dt, 370dt avail., HP=160, AF6, DM-4, 76McrA~57McrImp.

General Systems Power Requirement: 80EP

Bridge & Controls (TL10): Bridge, +Holo., +Rad.Prot., 20dt, 3Mcr.
Computer: Model 2bis, R10/15, 0.24Mcr9~0.224Mcr.
Electronics: Military Grade, DM0, 2EP, 2dt, 4.1Mcr.
Total Controls: DM0, Init.+2, 2EP, 22dt, 7.324McrA~5.493McrImp.

Engines (TL9):
Reaction Drive, 6G thrust, 48dt, 9.6Mcr.
     Uses 60dt L-Hyd. per hour of full thrust,
     or 4.32dt Water per hour full thrust.
     Uses 0.72dt Water per hour full thrust in fusion mode (20km safety).
          Uses 120EP in fusion mode and system power @ emergency/minimal level,
               all hands at acceleration control stations.
Fusion-8 power plant, 160EP, 16dt, 8Mcr.
     Uses 1.6dt L-hyd / 4 weeks
     Backup Power, 1.6dt, 0.8Mcr.
     Retractable Solar Power array, 1.6dt, 0.16Mcr.
Total Power Plant section: 160EP, 19.2dt, 8.24Mcr.
     Fuel for Power Plant (29.5 weeks dur.), 11.8dt, --M.
FTL/Epstein Drive, xxG/1psc/wk., 20EP, 15dt, 22.5Mcr.
Total Engines: 6G thrust, 140EP avail., 94dt, 41.06Mcr9~28.742McrImp.

Water Tank for Reaction Mass
     (111 G-hours / 666 G-hours, fusion mode), 80dt{79.92}, --M.

Weapons: 4 hard points, 4dt [superseded by barbette requirements].
     HP1: Torpedo Barbette No.1, fixed forward firing, 5dt, 3Mcr.
     HP2: Torpedo Barbette No.2, fixed forward firing, 5dt, 3Mcr.
     HP3: Railgun Barbette, 5dt, 4Mcr. [20 shots]
     HP4: Railgun Barbette, 5dt, 4Mcr. [20 shots]
          +4ea. Anti-personnel heavy weapons
          (gauss cannon) on coaxial mounts, 0dt, 1Mcr.
          [This is to simulate the PDCs from the show/book.]
Total Weapons: 20dt, 15Mcr9~10.5McrImp.
Torpedo Magazine (20ea.), 50dt,
     [2ea. 25dt magazines, 0.36Mcr9 for 20ea. bomp-pumped X-ray Laser].
Railgun Magazine, +20 shots per gun, 2dt, [0.002Mcr9].

12 each Staterooms, 48dt, 3Mcr9~2.1McImp.

Emergency Lowberths for 16, 4dt, __Mcr.

Biosphere for 24 persons, 12dt, 0.6Mcr9~0.42McrImp.

Medical Bay, 4dt, 2McrA~1.5McrImp.

Machine shop, 6dt, 0.9McrA~0.675McrImp.

Cargo, 28dt, --M.


Vessel Totals: 400dt, HP=160, AF6, DM-4, 58/18EP avail., 6G thrust, Init.+2, DM0,


Crew (12):
CO: Pilot
XO: Co-Pilot/Computers
1O: Astrogator/Sensors,Comms
2O: Chief Engineer
3O: Assist. Engineer
4O: Medic/Environmental Science
Crewmen: Mechanic-1/Gunner-1
Crewmen: QuarterMaster-1/Gunner-2
Crewmen: Security-1/Gunner-3
Crewmen: Security-2/Gunner-4
Crewmen: Steward-1/Maint.
12 Marines


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