Monday, December 26, 2016

Jim's Gig, the S.S. Janie Danielle, 20dt Launch, Imperial: SpMc, 2304


TL12, 6G thrust

20dt Hull, @0.05Mcr./dt >> 1Mcr.
     +Streamlined, +10% cost >> 0.1Mcr.
     +AF4 Armor--Crystal-Iron, 1dt, 0.22Mcr.
Airlock, 1ea., 1dt, 0.2Mcr.
Total Basic Ship Systems power requirement is 4EP.
Total Hull/Chasis: 18dt avail., AF4, SL, 4EP sys pwr., 1.52McrC

Bridge, Standard, DM-4, 3dt, 0.5Mcr.
     Computer: Model2fib, R10, 0.24Mcr.
     currently installed in sensors area:
          Civilian Grade Sensors (DM-2), 1EP, 1dt, 3Mcr9
          Biosphere, 1ea. unit (Life Support/2 sophonts), 1EP, 1dt, 0.2Mcr.
Total Bridge/Biosphere: DM-4, 5dt, 2EP, 3.94Mcr9~3.245McrC

Engines (TL12):
     Gravitic M-drive, 6G thrust, 12EP / 20dt hull, 1.2dt, 2.4Mcr.
     Fusion Power Plant, TL12, 18EP, 1.2dt,1.2Mcr.
     Fuel (20weeks), Darrien modification, 0.6dt.
Total Engines and fuel: 6EP avail., 3dt, 3.6McrC

Payload: 10dt.
     current load-out:
          1ea. SC stateroom (double occupancy), 4dt, 0.5McrC
          Cargo=6dt. (+Workshop @ 6dt, 0.9Mcr.)

Totals: AF4, HP=8, DM-2, R10, 6G thrust, 0EP avail., 8.865McrC~7.536McrImp.


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