Friday, December 1, 2017

1000/6000dt Jump Frame, J6 to J1 performance capable




1000dt Hull, standard, close structure, 50Mcr.
     +Radiation Shielding, 25Mcr.
Armor: none (AF0)
Total Hull: 1000dt, HP=400, AF0, 1000dt (+200/500/1000/2000/5000dt avail.) 75McrC

Bridge, TL12, standard, for control of up to 6000dt, DM-4, 60dt, 30McrC
Computer: Core/40, TL12 (Adv.+3, cost -30%), R40/bis-30, (45*0.7)~31.5McrC
Civilian Grade Sensors, DM-2, 1EP, 1dt, 3McrA~2.647McrC
Space for upgrades (typically 2dt stores): 2dt.
     Total Controls, DM-2, R40/+30, 1EP, 63dt64.147McrC

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement: 200EP (or 240/300/400/600/1200EP for various loads)

Gravitic M-drive, TL10, 2G thrust, 200EP, 20dt, 40McrA~35.294118McrC
Jump Drive, TL15, J-6, 600EP, 155dt, 232.5McrImp~273.5294118McrC
     Uses 600dt L-Hyd fuel for 1ea. 6 parsec jump.
Power Plant, Fusion, TL15, 1880EP output, 94dt, 188McrImp~221.1764706McrC
     Fuel: 9dt (3.83 weeks / 643.4 hours)
     Fuel Processor, 120dt/day, 6EP, 6dt, 1.2Mcr.
Total Engines: 284dt, 2G thrust, J-6, 1280EP* avail., 531.2McrC
     *M-drive will not run when J-drive is running.

Fuel Tank for Jump: 600dt

Hardpoint, 4ea., 4EP, 4dt, 4McrC
     Triple turret, 1EP, 1Mcr.
     Triple turret, 1EP, 1Mcr.
     Triple turret, 1EP, 1Mcr.
     Triple turret, 1EP, 1Mcr.

16ea. Sophont units of Biosphere Life Support, 8EP8dt1.6McrC

Staterooms for crew, 8ea., 1ea. single + 7ea. dbl. occup., 32dt4McrC
     Cabin #1: Captain (Pilot, 1st)
     Cabin #2: Astrogator (Nav./Sensors/+Admin. at J6) + Co-pilot (Pilot, 2nd/Comms)
     Cabin #3: Chief Engineer + Ship's Doctor (Mid-pass. at J6)
     Cabin #4: Engineer1 + Engineer2
     Cabin #5: Engineer3 + Engineer4
     Cabin #6: Engineer5 + Engineer6 (/Mechanic1 at J6)
     Cabin #7: Mechanic1/Gunner1  (Mid-pass. at J6) + Mechanic2/Gunner2 (Mid-pass. at J6)
     Cabin #8: Admin. (Purser)/Gunner3 (Mid-pass. at J6) + Steward (Ship's Cook)/Gunner4
For larger clamped loads, additional maintenance worker requirements will be filled by droids.

Payload: 9dt, 0.2McrC

8ea. Low Berths, TL12, 4dt, 0.2McrC

Cargo Space: 5dt (typically mail contract)


J6 Load-out:
4 Mid-passengers, 4 Low-passenger, 5dt cargo, 2dt stores,
     food self-sufficient, refueling interval=643.4 hours, 5 days to purify for jump-6.

1000dt, 65EP avail., AF0, RS, 2G thrust, DM-2, R40/+30, J6, 
cost: 680.147McrC~578.125McrImp.




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