Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

S. M. S. Hayek, 100dt, Pass. Transport/Shuttle, TL8+, AF2, Sublight (4G/80Gh), Pass=12 mid. / 6 high, Cargo=6dt, weaponized, 16.061McrImp.

The intra-system transport is a less expensive alternative for space travel when gravitic drives are not available.

TL8 100dt Hull, HP=40, Streamlined, 5.5Mcr.
+Radiation Shielding, 2.5Mcr.
+Self-Sealing, 1.0Mcr.
+AF2 Titanium armor (5%), 5dt, 0.275Mcr.
+Aerofins (5%vol.), 5dt, 0.5Mcr.
     Total Hull: 90dt avail., HP=40 , SL, SS, RS, AF2, 9.775Mcr8~6.35375McrImp.

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement = 20EP

     Bridge/Controls (TL8/9): 
Bridge and Controls (TL8):
Standard Ship Class, DM-4, 10dt, 0.5Mcr8
Primary (TL9): Model/10, R10, 0.16Mcr9~0.112McrImp*
Secondary: Model/5fib, R5, 0.045Mcr8
Space for Upgrades: 2dt
          Current installation: Biosphere for 4ea. sophonts, 2EP, 2dt, 0.4Mcr9
     Total Bridge/Controls: DM-4, R10/5f, 2EP, 12dt, (0.545Mcr8+0.431Mcr8)~0.6344McrImp.

     Engines (TL9):
HePlaR reaction drives: 4G thrust, 20EP, 2dt, 0.4Mcr9
     Uses 1dt H2O per hour full thrust
Fusion-8 Power Plant, 50EP output, 5dt, 2.5Mcr9
     Fuel: 1dt (4 weeks)
Reaction Mass (H2O): 20dt (20 hours full thrust--80 G-hours)
Workshop, 6dt, 0.9Mcr9
Briefing Room, 4dt, 0.5Mcr9
Total Engines & Fuel: 
4G thrust (80G-h), 4 weeks dur., 30EP avail., 38dt, 4.3Mcr9~3.01McrImp.

     Payload (includes computer upgrade above*), 40dt, 6.062McrImp:
2ea. Staterooms, 3-4 crew, 8dt, 1Mcr9
Popup Turret, Triple (Missile Rack + Pulse Laser + Missile Rack), 5EP, 2dt, 4.5Mcr9
Stateroom, 6ea., 12 Mid-Passage, 24dt, 3Mcr9
Cargo Area: 6dt.
     (mostly for luggage, life support supplies, etc.)

     Ship totals: 
100dt. HP=40, SL, SS, RS, AF2, DM-4, R10/5f, 4G thrust (80Gh), 4 weeks dur., 12 Mid-Pass.
Cost = [6.35375+0.6344+3.01+6.062=16.06015] 16.061McrImp.
3EP avail.


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