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Friday, November 10, 2017

100dt Cargo Shuttle/Lander, TL7, AF2, 52dt cargo, 3G thrust, 7.209McrImp

100dt Shuttle, Cargo*, TL7

*Note: The 100dt Cargo Shuttle is exactly like the 95dt Cargo Shuttle shown above except proportionally larger, yet with less room due to slightly larger engine pods and reaction mass tanks (you have to imagine these changes for the deckplan above). Very commonly encountered at spaceports and the like. Many used ships of this type are available for sale or lease. This vessel can easily be converted into a tanker shuttle by flooding the cargo area with L-Hyd. (unpurified).


100dt TL7, HP=36, 5Mcr.
     +Streamlining, +0.5Mcr.
     +Armor: AF2 Titanium armor (5%), 5dt, 0.275Mcr.
     +Aerofins (DM+2, atmo.): 5dt, 0.5Mcr.
     +Radiation Shielding, +2.5Mcr.
Total Hull: 90dt avail., HP=40, AF2, SL, RS, Atmo.+2,

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement = 20EP

     Engineering (TL7):
Reaction M-drive, 3G thrust, 0EP, 6dt, 1.2Mcr.
     (Each drive: 1.5G thrust, 0EP, 3dt, 0.6Mcr.)
     Reaction Mass used: 15dt (2 hours/3G L-Hyd; 12 hours/3G H2O)
Chemical Power Plant, 20EP, 4dt, 1Mcr.
     (Each p.p.: 10EP, 2dt, 0.5Mcr.)
     (uses 40dt fuel per 2 weeks; 0.12dt fuel per hour)
Alt./Fission Power Plant, 20EP, 2.5dt, 1Mcr.
     (Each p.p.: 10EP, 1.25dt,  0.5Mcr.)
      (uses 1dt fuel per year; 0.5dt per engine pod)
Fuel for both power plants: 2dt (16 hours, 40 minutes duration)
     (Each 1dt tank)
     (Alt./2ea. 0.5dt fuel modules)
Total Engineering: 3G thrust, 20EP avail., 12dt (engines, power plant, power plant fuel),
     (Each engine pod is 6dt)
Alt./Total Engineering: 3G thrust, 20EP avail.,  9.5dt (eng., p.p., & p.p. fuel),
     (Each engine pod is 5.25dt)
Reaction Mass: 15dt (36G-hours) in two tanks (along left and right sides of cargo area).

Bridge: TL7+
Standard (DM-4), 10dt, 0.5Mcr.
     Computer: Model 1, R5, 0.03Mcr.
Total Controls: DM-4, 0EP, 10dt, 0.53Mcr.~0.504McrImp

Weapons: none

Cargo*: 52dt

Staterooms: none

Extras: Airlock: 1dt, {0.2Mcr7~0.12McrImp}

Totals: 100dt, HP=40, AF2, SL, RS, Atmo.+2, 0EP avail., DM-4, R5, 3G thrust, dur.=16 hours,



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