Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

100dt Passenger Transport, TL10/12, AF8, J-2 FTL, 6G thrust, Pass.=8Mid, 5dtCargo, 6EP avail., 38.231McrImp.

TL10 100dt Hull, SL, SS, HP=40, H/S=1/1, 5.5McrA
+AF8 Crystal-Iron armor (10%), 10dt, 0.8McrA
+Aerofins (5%vol.), 5dt, 0.5McrA
Total Hull: 85dt avail., SL, SS, HP=40, H/S=1/1, AF8, Sys.Pwr.=20EP, 6.8McrA~5.1McrImp.

TL10 Bridge, 10dt, 0.5McrA
     +Holographic add-on (Init.+2), +0.125McrA
     +Radiation Shielding (1000r/AF6 equiv.), +0.125McrA
     Model 2bis Computer, R10/15, 0.24Mcr9~0.224McrA
Basic Military Electronics, TL10, DM0, 2dt, 2EP, 4.1McrA
Total Controls: DM0, Init.+2, R10/15, 12dt, 2EP, 5.074McrA~3.806McrImp.

Engines (TL12):
FTL: Jump Drive, (Adv.+1, Size red.10%), J2, 9dt, 20EP, 13.5McrC
Gravitic M-drive, 6G thrust, 6dt, 60EP, 12McrC
Fusion-12 power plant, 90EP, 6dt, 6McrC
Total Engines, J2, M6, 30EP avail., 21dt, 31.5McrC~26.775McrImp.

Fuel Tanks: 21dt (J2, 4 weeks duration)

Ship Cost total before Payload: 35.681McrImp.

Payload: 31dt
     6ea. stateroomsTL10, 24dt, 3McrA~2.25McrImp.
     2ea. units Biosphere, 4 sophont life support, 2dt. 2EP, 0.4McrA~0.3McrImp.
     Cargo: 5dt.

Total Cost: 38.231McrImp., 36.32McrImp.--qty.

6EP available

Captain (Pilot)
XO (Astrogator)


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