Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

200dt Jump Frame Ship, J-2(J-4@payload=6), Payload=200dt, 21EP avail., 80.557McrImp.




200dt Hull, standard, close structure, 10Mcr.
Armor: none (AF0)
Total Hull: 200dt, HP=80, AF0, 200dt+200dt avail., 10McrC

Bridge, standard, for control of up to 1000dt, DM-4, 20dt, 2Mcr (/400dt).
Computer: R15bis (R15,20/jump), 3McrB~2.824McrC
Civilian Grade Sensors, DM-2, 1EP, 1dt, 3McrA~2.647McrC
     Total Controls, DM-4, R15/20, 1EP, 21dt, 7.471McrC

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement: 40EP (or 80EP when grappling 200dt load)

*Gravitic M-drive, 4/2G thrust, 80EP, 8dt, 16Mcr.
Fusion-12 Power Plant, 150EP, 10dt, 10Mcr.
     Uses 1dt L-hyd fuel per 4 weeks.
*Jump Drive, TL13, J-4/200dt, J-2/400dt, 25dt, 37.5MCrD~39.706McrC
     Uses J-2/400dt or J-4/200dt = 80EP+80dt L-Hyd fuel
Reactor Fuel: 1dt (4 weeks).
     Fuel Processor, 20dt/day, 1dt, 1EP, 0.05Mcr.
Total Engines: 45dt, 4/2G thrust, J-4/J-2, 69EP* avail., 69.711McrC
     *M-drive will not run when J-drive is running.

Fuel Tank for Jump: 80dt

Hardpoint, 4ea., 2EP, 2dt, 2Mcr.
     Triple turret, 1EP, 1Mcr.
     Triple turret, 1EP, 1Mcr.

Stateroom for crew, 5ea., 1ea. single+4ea. dbl. occup., 20dt, 0.5Mcr.
     Some crew reside in Residential Module A (see below)
     Cabin #1: Captain (Pilot, 1st)
     Cabin #2: Astrogator + Co-pilot (Pilot, 2nd; Sensors+Comms)
     Cabin #3: Chief Engineer + Steward/Purser
     Cabin #4: Engineer1 + Engineer2
     Cabin #5: Mechanic/Gunner1 + Mechanic/Gunner2

10ea. Sophont units of Biosphere Life Support, 5EP, 5dt, 1Mcr.

200dt, 21EP avail., 27dt avail., AF0, 4/2G thrust, DM-2, R15/20, J4/J2, 
cost: 90.682McrC~77.08McrImp.

Payload: 27dt + 200dt extra, 2.5McrC~2.125McrImp.
     Docking Clamp for 10dt Launch, Type I, 1dt, 0.5Mcr.
          [10dt: Tanker Launch, 4G thrust, Pass.=1, Fuel=6, 1.352McrImp.]
     Docking Clamp for 200dt vessel/module, Type III, 10dt, 2Mcr.
     Cargo: 6dt
          [usually mail contracts and/or supplies for the ship]

Total Ship Cost: 80.557McrImp.



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