Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

9000dt Buffered Planetoid, AF4, HP=3600, etc.--pending

Buffered Planetoid Ship

Buffered Planetoid Hull, 9000dt, AF4, HP=3600, 5850dt avail., Sys. Pwr. Req.=1800EP,

     Bridge & Control:
Command Bridge w/holographic controls, DM-4, Tact.+1, Init.+2, 80dt, 84.375McrImp.
+Adv. Sensors w/Distributed Array & Enhanced Signal Processing, DM+6, 17dt, 14EP,
+Military Counter Measures Suite w/Enhanced Signal Processing, DM+8, 17dt, 4EP,
+Life Scanner Suite, 1dt, 1EP, 2McrC~1.7McrImp.
     Total Bridge & Controls: DM+6(+8), 115dt, 19EP, 144.375McrImp.

     Engineering (53 Engineers + 18 Maint.):
Sublight M-drive, Gravitic, TL9, 1G, 90dt, 900EP, 180Mcr9~133McrImp.
Backup Power: Fusion-8 power plant, 2950EP output, 295dt, 147.5Mcr8~95.875McrImp.
     uses 7.375dt L-Hyd. per week
FTL drive: Warp 1, TL12, 1Psc/day, 900dt, 9000EP, 1800McrC~1530McrImp.
Main Power: Fusion-15 power plant, 11000EP output, 550dt, 1100McrImp.
     uses 13.75dt L-Hyd. per week
Fuel Processor/Purification Plant, 200dt/day, 20dt, 20EP, 1McrImp.
     Total Engineering: 1G thrust, 1Psc/day, 1855dt, 1980EP avail., 2859.875McrImp.
          Fuel Usage: (main=13.75dt/week, b.u.=7.375dt/week, both=21.125dt/week)
Fuel Tankage for power plants: 130dt (duration 9.46weeks, 17.63weeks, 6.15weeks)

Vessel subtotal: 3750dt avail.

Quarters (500dt, 66.9Mcr.):
Biosphere for xx sophonts {}
     Bridge Staff:
6ea. HSR {36dt, 2.4Mcr.}
     Engineering Staff (53+5):
27ea. d.o. SR + 1ea. s.o. SR (112dt, 14Mcr.); 2ea. d.o. HSR (12dt, 1.6Mcr.);
1ea. Briefing Room (4dt, 0.5Mcr.); 1ea. Library (4dt, 4Mcr.); 2ea. 6dt workshops (12dt, 1.8Mcr.);
{136dt, 21.9Mcr.}
     Maintenance Staff (18+2):
10ea. d.o. SR {40dt, 5Mcr.}
     Flight Staff:
1ea. Briefing Room (4dt, 0.5Mcr.)
12ea. s.o. SR (48dt, 6Mcr.)
1ea. d.o. HSR (6dt, 0.8Mcr.)
1ea. d.o. LSR (10dt, 1.5MCr.)
{68dt, 8.8Mcr.}
     Medical and Administrative:
5ea. s.o. HSR {30dt, 4Mcr.}
     Gunnery Staff:
10ea. d.o. SR {40dt, 5Mcr.}
     Security Staff:
10ea. d.o. SR {40dt, 5Mcr.}
     Owner's Suite:
1ea. s.o. LSR {10dt, 1.5Mcr.}
     Passenger space:
16ea. HSR + 1ea. SR {100dt, 13.3Mcr.}


Weapons: 10ea. 50dt small bay weapons {500dt}

Carried Craft (total flight section, 900dt, 182.5Mcr.):
     Docking Space for 500dt spherical craft {550dt, 137.5Mcr.}
     Docking Space for 90dt cargo/fuel shuttle + 1dt cargo {100dt, 25Mcr.}
     Full Hanger for 50dt Cutter {100dt, 20Mcr.}
5ea. 30dt Modules for Cutter {150dt}

Medical Center:
(4ea. Medlabs, 16dt, 4EP, 8Mcr.); (Biology Lab., 4dt, 1Mcr.)
(Multi-environment space-20dt, 21dt, 1EP, 0.5Mcr.)
(Equipment storage-cargo-9dt)
{50dt, 5EP, 9.5Mcr.}


Payload = 1,800dt avail.




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