Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3000dt Armored Frigate, TL15, 4/5/5, Mk1

HMS Valiant [Valiant-class]
3000dt Armored Frigate
H/S=88/86, AF15

Using Capital ship rules:

Ship is divided into two sections, Forward and Engineering.

Each section has the following hull information:
     1500dt Adv. Hull, Streamlined, Self-sealing, Stealth Mod. (DM-4),
          (H/S=44/43, 1500dt, 412.5Mcr.).
     Additional space for Hull point and rounding (7.5+dt, 0.75Mcr.)
     AF15 B.S-D. Armor (187.5dt, 281.25Mcr.)
Total Hull (1305dt avail., 694.5Mcr.)

Forward Section

Bridge & Control

Command Section for this section and redundancy for other section of ship,
     (15dt, 1.5Mcr.); Holographic Add-on (Init. +2, 0.375Mcr.)
Military Countermeasures Suite: (DM+6, 20dt, 25Mcr.)
Enhanced Signal Processing: (DM+4, 2dt, 8Mcr.)
0.25Vault Space (1.5dt avail.) (3dt, 1.5Mcr.)
Computer: Core 9/fib (R100): (195Mcr.)
     Total Controls: (DM+10, Init+2, 40dt, 231.375Mcr.)

Briefing Room x2 (8dt, 1Mcr.)
Stateroom x36 (144dt, 72Mcr.)
          {Command (10ea.)--10SR; Gunnery (36ea.)--18SR; Medical (3ea.)--2SR;
          Flight (4ea.)--3SR; Ship Security (4ea.)--2SR; 1ea. spare SR}
Cutter Hanger (Full, 65dt, 13Mcr.)
Vault x6 (36dt avail., 72dt, 36Mcr.)
          (20dt Emergency Low Berths--80 pers. cap.) (20dt, 2Mcr.)
          (16dt Full Ship's Hospital 2+2 patients) (16dt, 5Mcr.)
Cargo: 16dt
Fuel: 600dt

2ea. Adv. Large Meson Bays (122dt, 400Mcr., 8d6dmg+crew)
2ea. Adv. Large Torpedo Bays (122dt, 96Mcr., 6ea Torp. per bay per launch)
     Torpedo Magazine for one two bay reload: (30dt, -.-)
5ea. Adv. Particle Beam Barbette (25dt, 40Mcr., 4d6dmg)
          V. High Yield, Easy-to-Repair
Fire Control Co-ordination (1dt, 4Mcr., DM+2)
     Total Weapons: (300dt, 540Mcr.)

2ea. Meson Screens (40dt, 120Mcr.)
1ea. Nuclear Damper (20dt, 50Mcr.)
     Total Screens: (60dt, 170Mcr.)

Total Foreward Section: {1,305dt, 1,764.875McrImp}


Engineering Section:

Auxiliary Bridge (Section Two control):

Command Section for this section and redundancy for other section of ship,
(15dt, 1.5Mcr.); Holographic Add-on (Init. +2, 0.375Mcr.)
V. Adv. Sensors (DM+2, 5dt, 4Mcr.)
Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4, 2dt, 8Mcr.)
0.25 Vault Space (1.5dt avail.) (3dt, 1.5Mcr.)
Computer: Core 9/fib (R100, 195Mcr.)
     Total Controls: (25dt, 210.375Mcr.)


Jump Drive: TL15, J-4, Adv., Stealth (+100%cost) [(5%Ship's vol.)x0.9 >> 135dt]
     (135dt, 750Mcr.)
Manuever Drive: TL12, M-5 Gravitic Thrusters (5g's) [(2.5% vol.)x0.75 >> 56.25dt]
     (56.25dt, 75Mcr.)
Power Plant: TL15, P-5 Fusion Power Plant (R5) [(4% vol.)x0.75 >> 90dt] (90dt, 450Mcr.)
     Plant uses 30dt L-Hyd fuel per week.
Fuel Processor: 1,295dt fuel purified per day (53.96dt per hour) (64.75dt. 3.2375)
     Total Engineering: (346dt, 1,278.2375Mcr) Crew=4 x 3 /military standard/ 12.

Fuel: 720dt
Cargo: 100dt [30dt Repair Drones, +spare 30dt R2D2 (30dt), 40dt stores--{@1dt/4droid}
          160ea humanoid droids {Eng-3, Gunnery-3, JoT-3}.]
Stores: (28dt, -.-)
Stateroom x10
          {Chief Eng. (Eng.-5)(SR), Asst. Eng. (Eng.-4)(SR), 2nd Eng. (Eng.-3),
          7ea. 3rd Eng., 4ea. Gunners/Maintenance, Roboticist+Ast. Roboticist (7ea. dbl. SR),
          One stateroom converted to Lab.} (40dt, 9Mcr.)
Briefing Room--Training/Recreation/Gathering Area x5;
     (20dt, 2.5Mcr.)
Armory: (2dt, 0.5Mcr.)


4ea. Adv. Particle Beam Barbettes (20dt, 32Mcr., 4d6dmg)
          V. High Yield, Easy-to-Repair
2ea. Triple Sandcasters (2dt, 2.5Mcr.)
          Sandcaster Magazine (2dt, -.-)
     Total Weapons: (24dt, 34.5Mcr.)

Total Engineering Section: {1,305dt. 2,227.1125Mcr.}