Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

1800dt Merchant Cruiser, TL12, Leviathan-class


Hull: 1,800 tons Standard, HP720, 90Mcr.
     +Fuel scoops, 1Mcr.

Armor: none (AF0)
     Total Hull: HP=720, AF0, 1800dt avail., 91McrC~77.35McrImp.
Basic Ships Systems Power Requirement = 360EP

M-Drive: Gravitic 4G thrust, 720EP*, 72dt, 144Mcr.
M-Drive: Gravitic 2G thrust, 360EP*, 36dt, 72Mcr.
FTL Drive: Jump drive, 3psc/week, 540EP*, 140dt, 210Mcr.
     Uses 540dt fuel (L-Hyd) per 3 parsec jump
FTL Drive: Jump drive, 2psc/week, 360EP*, 95dt, 142.5Mcr.
     Uses 360dt fuel (L-Hyd) per 2 parsec jump
Power Plant: Fusion-12, 1,665EP output, 111dt, 111Mcr.
     Uses 11.1dt fuel per 4 weeks.
*These drives are never run simultaneously therefore the real output availability is 945EP.
Total Engines: 4G thrust (2G b.u.), 3psc/week (2psc/wk b.u.), 405EP avail.,  454dt, 
Cost: 679.5McrC~577.575McrImp.

Fuel Tanks: 1ea. Jump-3 + 2,906 hours (17.3 weeks) duration: 588dt

Bridge, standard, control of up to 1800dt hull, DM-4, 40dt, 9Mcr.
Auxiliary Bridge, Small, DM-5, 20dt, 4.5Mcr.
     Computer: Model 2/bis/fib, R10bf, 0.32Mcr9~0.264McrC
     Backup Computer: Model 1/bis/fib, R5bf, 0.06Mcr7~0.05McrC
     Sensors Civilian Grade, DM-2, 1EP, 1dt, 3McrA~2.647McrC
Total Bridge and Controls: DM-2, R10bf(R5bf), 1EP, 61dt,  16.461McrC~13.992McrImp.

Double Turret, 6ea., Beam laser*2, 6dt, 9Mcr.
     Each turret: 9EP, 1dt, 1.5Mcr.
Fixed missile mount, 2ea., 0EP, 0dt, 1.7Mcr.
     Each missile mount, 0EP, 0dt, 0.85Mcr.
     Ammunition Missile Storage (48 missiles), 4dt, cost varies depending upon load-out
Torpedo Barbette, 2ea., 4EP, 10dt, 6Mcr.
     Each barbette: 2EP, 5dt, 3Mcr.
     Torpedo Storage (12 torpedoes), 4dt, cost varies depending upon load-out
Total Weapons and ammunition: 60EP, 24dt, 16.7McrC~14.195McrImp.

Air/Raft Garage, 5dt, 1.25Mcr.+
Launch, 20dt, 2ea., Docking Space for, 44dt, 11Mcr.+
     Launch A
     Launch B
Pinnace, 40dt, 1ea., Docking Space for, 44dt, 11Mcr.+ - 17.732
     Pinnace, "S.S. N. Star"
Shuttle, 95dt, 1ea., Docking Space for, 104.5dt, 26.125Mcr.+ - 41.417
     +0.5dt Cargo Space for stores
     Shuttle, "S.S. Oliphant"
Total for sub-craft: 198dt, 49.375Mcr.+

     Fuel Systems (15dt, 1.75Mcr.):
Fuel Scoop, 0dt, 1Mcr.
Fuel Processor, 300 tons/day, 15dt, 0.75Mcr.

     Payload (460dt, 39.13Mcr.):
Medical Bay, 2ea., 8dt, 4Mcr.
Multi-Environment Space, 20dt capacity, 1EP, 21dt, 0.5Mcr.
Briefing Room, 3units, 12dt, 1.5Mcr.
Re-Entry Capsule, 4ea., 2dt, 0.08Mcr.
Workshop, 4ea., 24dt, 3.6Mcr.
Low Birth, 6ea., 3dt, 0.3Mcr.
Armoury, 2units, 2dt, 0.5Mcr.
Hydroponics (Biosphere for 34 sophonts), 17EP, 17dt, 3.4Mcr.
     Standard, 31ea., 124dt, 15.5Mcr.
     High, 1ea., 6dt, 0.8Mcr.
     Luxury Stateroom, 1ea., 10dt, 1.5Mcr.
Common Areas, 35dt, 3.5Mcr.
Cargo Crane (300dt capacity), 3.5dt, 3.5Mcr.
Cargo Airlock, 4.5dt, 0.45Mcr.
Cargo Hold: 188dt

Software Evade/1 - 1
Fire Control/1 - 2
Jump Control/3 - 0.4
Library - -
Manoeuvre/0 - -



Ship Totals:
1800dt, HP=720, AF0, DM-2, Cargo: 188dt, 773.367McrImp.