Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Experimental 300dt ASD Gunboat/Tender, TL12/17


Built upon the original Antique Systems Defense Boat design, this vessel meets mission parameters for long duration and low maintenance. This higher technology ship (TL12+) has a mix of new and older technology solutions. The hull has been upgraded to Imperial standard using Crystal-iron instead of Titanium for armor. And finally for deep space missions, the vessel incorporates a new Anti-Matter Reactor along with an advanced fusion drive and Warp FTL along with Particle Accelerator Bay weapon for extra punch. (Covert missions get Stealth and a Plantier Shield generator.)

ASD Gunboat/Tender, Mk4X

300dt Distributed Configuration, H/S = 6/6 (300dt, 12McrC)
Armour: AF12 Titanium (15%vol., 45dt, 7.2McrC)
     Total Hull: {255dt avail., 19.2McrC~16.32McrImp}

Fuel Bunker moved forward and sealed Antimatter Bunker w/ejection equipment added.
All area of radioactives bunker is part of the new engineering area.

Power Plant:
TL17 Type J Anti-Matter Power Plant (R6) (39dt, 78McrImp)
     Fuel Usage: (18slugs per year, 36slugs per year under Warp)
          Fuel Bunker: 2ea. Units--each w/1000slug cap. (2dt) + ejection equipment (1dt) [3dt]
TL15 Type J Fusion Power Plant (R6, 1800EP) (21dt, 144McrImp)
     Fuel Usage: (9dt/week) Fuel Tank is located in part of the former torpedo magazine.
Cargo area converted to space for gravitic Maneuver Drives & workshop:
TL12 Type J gravitic M-drive (6G thrust to 1000D-) (12.75dt, 72McrC~61.2McrImp)
TL12 Fuel Processor (25dt per day) (1.25dt, 0.054McrImp)
TL17 Workshop (Lab. x2) (8dt, 8McrImp)

2ea. External Engine Pods each contain the following:
1ea. Advanced (+4) Type B Warp drive (1Psc/week) (9dt, 80McrImp)
     These two warp drive engine pods are ganged together to provide Type E performance (3Psc/week). [18dt, 160McrImp]

     Total Engineering: {103dt, 451.254McrImp}

     Bridge/Controls (TL13+):
Compact Ship class bridge (TL13, 15dt, 1.5McrD)
     +Holographic controls (Init.+2, +0.375McrD)
     +Radiation Hardening (1kRads protection etc., +0.375McrD)
Computer: Model/7 (R35) (30McrImp~33.334McrD)
Electronics: Advanced (DM+1) (3dt, 2McrB~1.778MCrD)
     +Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4, Range+2, Jam=nil, 2dt, 8McrD)
Additional Space=1dt
     Total Bridge/Controls: 
{DM+5, Init.+2, Range+2, No Jam, 1kRads. Prot., 21dt, 45.362McrD~40.825McrImp}

Hardpoint #1 PA-11 Particle Accelerator Bay Weapon 50 ton bay
          (adv.+3, Variable Range, High Yield--damage=12-36points+Rad.) (51dt, 20McrC)
Hardpoint #2 Triple Turret (Beam Laser x3) (1dt, 4McrC)
Hardpoint #3 Double Turret (Sandcaster x2) (1dt, 1McrC)
               Sandcaster barrels, 40ea. (2dt, 0.020McrC)
               Torpedo Magazine area (60dt):
Area used for cargo and L-Hyd fuel storage for the backup Fusion Plant
     20dt for 373.34hours duration fuel tankage
     40dt for Cargo and Stores--2ea. new side hatches added.
     Total Weapons & New Cargo Area: {115dt, 25.02McrC~21.267McrImp}

Staterooms, 4ea. {16dt, 2.0McrC~1.7MCrImp}
     Crew: Pilot, Astrogator, Sensors, 3 Gunners, 2 Engineers
     SR#1=Pilot, Astrogator
     SR#2=Sensors, Gunner
     SR#3=Gunner, Gunner
     SR#4=Engineer, Engineer

Maneuver/0 - Library - Evade/1 (R10) (1.0Mcr.) - Fire Control/1 (R10) (1.0Mcr.)

Ship Totals, incl. cost of software: {300dt, 531.366McrImp}