Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Harcourt Fenton Mudd (Harry)

Harry (Harcourt Fenton Mudd) the Pirate

Harry slogged his way up from the bottom of the free trader merchants as a direct enlistee. When he retired from the Merchants' Guild he came away with a forty year old Fast Trader (type A3Mk2), a few bucks, and several enemies within the Merchants' Guild who tried to keep him from drawing a retirement check after all the faithful years as a member. Contracts started drying up and for various reasons Harry became sick of scrabbling around for a pitiful living. He became a pirate and is just starting to rake in some nice revenue. Some of the other pirates are starting to be irritated with his successes. The Imperial Navy is also thinking of sending a few Patrol Cruisers to patrol some of the jump points into and out of several systems in the subsector. So far no one has been able to catch Harry in his various schemes.

Harry Mudd
Merchants-5 terms, Pirate-1 term.
Age: 58 (62)

Vacc Suit-1
Jack of all Trades-1

Gun Cbt (SMG)-2

The "Joan of Ark" 200dt merchant vessel with mods fully paid for.
Retirement from Merchants' Guild: 14kcr./year
Various servants and slaves acquired through subterfuge and treachery.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Arhgox Izstevith, 1st Mate

Arhgox Izstevith, 1st Mate (Astrogator)

UPP = 998CD8
Andorian (Universe 0001xA)
Age: 30 (38)
Navy-3 terms; Pirate-3 terms.

Vacc Suit-1
Jack of all Trades-1
Gun Cbt (SMG)-1
Blade Cbt (Foil)-1

Equipment & Assets:
Travellers' Aid Society membership
Custom Very Fine Quality (Heirloom) Foil

Arghox enjoys the loot that Harry brings in, is glad to have a supply of anagathics, and is therefore a willing participant with (& often masterminds) Harry Mudd's schemes. She has a wicked sense of humor, but prefers to let Harry be the front man while she manipulates from the shadows.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chiandrox Bruekhthues, Ship's Doctor, etc.

Chiandrox Bruekhthues, 3rd Mate (Medic/Steward)

UPP = 9A9C88
Andorian (Universe 0001xA)
Age: 30 (42)
Medical (Ship's Doctor)-3 terms; Merchant (Free Trader)-2 terms, Pirate-1 term.

Medical-2 Admin-1 Sensors-1 Computers-1 Life Science (Biology)-1 Investigate-1 Remote Ops-1 Persuade-1 Jack of all Trades-1 Vacc Suit-0 Steward-1 Drive-0 Gun Cbt (SMG)-1 Blade-2 (Dagger)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dendrox Mehfibbosheth, Chief Engineer

Dendrox Mehfibbosheth, Chief Engineer, 2nd Mate

UPP = 9A9CB8
Andorian (Universe 0001xA)
Age: 30 (38)
Navy-3 terms;
Merchant (Free Trader)-1 term;
Pirate-1 term.


Forward Observer-1
Vacc Suit-1
Blade (Dagger)-1
Gun Cbt (SMG)-1
Jack of all Trades-1

Friday, June 7, 2013

Anastasia Walker, 2nd Engineer

Anastasia Walker, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Mate

UPP = 897AB8
Human (Universe 0001zA1)
Age: 30 (38)
Navy-2 terms, Pirate-2 terms, Merchant-1 term.

     (Power Plant-1, Gravitics-1, Jump Drive-1)
Vacc Suit-1
Gun Cbt (SMG)-2
Blade-2 (Dagger)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Georgina Harrison

Character: Georgina Harrison

          Georgina has recovered her memory and understands that she is free from the "School", but there is one more personal mission to perform. Unfortunately, she has needed much cash for all the toys that she is accumulating, and the last "upgrade" (chip implant computer) she had financed by Captian Mudd had a nasty little "slave" nano-virus the antidote to which remains in the possession of the Captain she must serve. She despises Captain Mudd, and is angry at herself for getting caught. She has no choice but to serve the perverse desires of her Pirate Captain. If given a chance to get free, she will be ever so helpful, then the death will come.

Position: Gunner/Ship Security

Character UPP = 8CA998, DMs = 0 2 1 1 1 0.

Navy (Crew, enlisted, PO3)-3 terms;
Assassin (Torsten Rex School, Rank 4 Shadow of Death)-3.5 terms;
after being found amnesiac floating in space with a nearly expired PLSS~~
Pirate-1.5 terms.

Age: 30 (50)

Vacc Suit-1
Gun Cbt. (Shotgun)-4
Athletics (Co-ordination)-1
Remote Ops-1
Weapon Engineering-1

Dark Eon Stealth Suit [168Kcr.], Heartbeat Monitor, Mechanic's and Weaponeer's tool kits,
TL15 Boarding Vacc Suit w/
     Baospace Fashion,
     Visilight Chameleon (DM+4),
     Long Range Comms
     [Prot.15, 22kg, 173Kcr.].
Custom made Flechette Carbine of very fine quality with laser dot sights.
     [Shotgun, Dmg. 3d6, Recoil (1)2, Auto 4, 3kg., Mag. 40, 2.5Kcr.(10cr./mag.)]

Chip Implant [TL16 Wafer Jack Computer/7]
Intelligent Interface-1 Intellect-3
     and space for Level Three Skill (either of 5 options):
Beam Weapons-3
     Additional Software available:
Robotics-3, Diplomat-3, Admin-3, Advocate-3, Broker-3, Wea.Eng.-3, Mechanic-3.

Neural Comm. (TL15; Multidata & Comp/2 running Agent-2)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sabina Yaroslavl

Sabina has fallen for the trap set by Captain Mudd when she got a Chip Implant installed at his expense.  Until she can get the nano-virus shutdown code, she is compelled to serve. Sabina is also heavily dependent upon anagathics which Harry can supply.

Character UPP = BA9DDA, DMs = 111121

Naval Officer-2 terms,
Duellist-3 terms,
Pirate/Boarder-8 terms

Age: 30 (70)

Melee (Saber)-5
Melee (Shield)-2
Gun Cbt. (Slug Pistol)-2
Gun Cbt. (Zero-G Wea.)-2
Athletics (Coordination)-3

Art (Dance)-1
Vacc Suit-1

TL15 Tailored Combat Armor w/
     Baospace Fashion,
     Visilight Chameleon (DM+4),
     Long Range Comms
     [Prot.16, 6kg, 600Kcr.].
Extremely fine quality Mono-blade Saber
     [Mono-Filament Sword, Melee (blade), Dmg.:3d6, Auto=No,
     Recoil/Heft=-2, Mass=0.75, 2500cr]

Chip Implant [TL16 Wafer Jack Computer/7]
Intelligent Interface-1 Intellect-3
     and space for Level Three Skill (either of 5 options):
Beam Weapons-3
     Additional Software available:
Robotics-3, Diplomat-3, Admin-3, Advocate-3, Broker-3, Wea.Eng.-3, Mechanic-3.

Neural Comm. (TL15; Multidata & Comp/2 running Agent-2)

(158Kcr. in platinum bars)
12,345cr Echip

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MS "Joan of Ark", 200dt type A3Mk2 Trade vessel

200dt Fast Trader, A3Mk2, TL12


200dt Hull, Streamlined, H/S=4/4, (200dt, 8.8Mcr.)
+Self-sealing (--.-, 2Mcr.)
+Stealth Mods. (DM-4 vs. Detects or Locks) (--.-, 20Mcr.)
Armor: AF4 Crystal-iron, (5%vol.) (10dt, 1.6Mcr.)
     Total Hull: {190dt avail., 32.4Mcr.}

Jump Drive: Type B (J-2), (15dt, 20Mcr.)
+Stealth Mod. (DM-2 to -4) (--.-, 10Mcr.)
Maneuver Drive: Type D gravitic (4G thrust) (7dt, 16Mcr.)
Power Plant: Type D fusion (R4) (13dt, 32Mcr.)
Fuel Purification: 20dt per day (1dt, 0.05Mcr.)
     Total Engineering: {36dt, 78.05Mcr.}

     Bridge & Controls:
Ship Class Bridge (10dt, 1Mcr.)
     +Holographic add-on (Init.+2)  (--.-, 0.25Mcr.)
Electronics: Basic Civilian (DM-2) (1dt, 0.05Mcr.)
Computer: Model/2fib (R10) (--.-, 0.24Mcr.)
     Total Bridge & Controls: {11dt, 1.54Mcr.}

Hardpoint #1: Triple turret: (1dt, 5Mcr.)
     1ea. Particle Accelerator, PA-11
     [adv.+3, Accurate (DM+1), High Yield (dmg.6-18+Rad.)]
Hardpoint #2: Triple turret: (1dt, 3Mcr.)
     1ea. Pulse Laser, PL-10
     [adv.+3, Accurate (DM-1 instead of -2), High Yield (dmg.4-12)]
     2ea. Missile Racks, MR-9
     [adv.+3, Resilient (1st hit ignored), Easy to repair (DM+1 to repair)]
          [2ea. Smart Missiles loaded]
Total Weapons: {2dt, 8Mcr.}

Fuel: One Jump-2 + 2 weeks duration {48dt, -.--}

Cargo: {46dt, -.--}

Staterooms: 10ea. {40dt, 5Mcr.}
     Crew (4SR): Captain/Pilot, CoPilot/Nav/Sensors, Medic/Steward/Service, 2 Engineers, 2 Gunners.
     Passengers (6SR): 6 High to 12 Mid.
Low Berths: 6ea. {3dt, 0.3Mcr.}

Air/Raft Hanger converted to storage for:
     2 sets of probe drones (2dt, 1Mcr.),
     missile storage for 24 missiles (18 smart, 6 nuclear) (2dt, 0.068Mcr.)
 {4dt, 1.068Mcr.}

Total Ship Values: {200dt, 126.358Mcr.~~107.4043McrImp.}

Harcourt Fenton Mudd, Captain (Pilot)

Arhgox Izstevith, 1st Mate (Astrogator)

Chiandrox Bruekhthues, 3rd Mate (Medic/Steward)

Dendrox Mehfibbosheth, Chief Engineer, 2nd Mate

Anastasia Walker, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Mate

Georgina Harrison, 1st Gunner, Ship Security, {00-agent}, 4th Mate

Sabina Yaroslavl, 2nd Gunner, Ship Security, Crewman

Mudd's other women involving a scam to sell wives to miners on out-of-the-way colonies:


Monday, June 3, 2013

MS "Oregon Trail" Colonial Transport, 200dt, TL11+

200dt Colonial Transport, TL11

This vessel was purchased surplus (50%) by Clive Masterson Sr. His first transport contract (while the bank negotiations were still not complete, ie "under the table") was a group of colonists from Earth to the Reavers' Deep. The low berths were sold to this wealthy group of colonists to augment the new colony's medical equipment. Clive used this money for some "upgrades". As the years have gone by, other mods have been made. Here is the accumulated value of this 60 year old (but mint) starship. Clive's grandson, Clive III, will some day be inheriting the vessel and he is thinking of converting the new main cargo deck into a passenger area and restaurant when "he's in charge".

200dt Streamlined Hull (H/S=4/4) {200dt, 8.8Mcr.}
+Self-sealing {--.-, 2Mcr.}
Armor: AF1 Crystal-iron, (1.25%) {2.5dt, 0.4Mcr.}

Jump Drive: TL12 Type B, J-2, (15dt, 20Mcr.)
Manuever Drive: TL9 Type B gravitic, 2g thrust, (3dt, 8Mcr.)
Power Plant: TL12 Type B fusion, R2, (7dt, 16Mcr.)
Fuel Purification Plant (30dt per day) (1.5dt, 0.075Mcr.)
     Total Engineering: {26.5dt, 44.075Mcr.}

     Bridge & Controls:
Compact Ship Class (DM-1) (7.5dt, 1Mcr.)
Electronics: Advanced (DM+1) (3dt, 2Mcr.)
Computer: Model 3fib, R15, (--.-, 3Mcr.)
          Software: Evade/2 (R15, 2Mcr.), Fire Control/3 (R15, 6Mcr.), Auto Repair/1 (R10, 5Mcr.), Intellect (R10, 1Mcr.), Jump Control/1,2 (R5/10, 0.3Mcr.), Library (R0), Maneuver/0 (R0). 
          Total software is 14.3Mcr.
Space: (0.5dt, -.--)
     Total Bridge & control: {(DM+0) 11dt, 6Mcr.} 

One Hard Point: Triple Turret
     [Pulse Laser x3, Adv.: Accurate, Long Range, DM-1, Med. Range, 2d6 Dmg.]
          {1dt, 2.5Mcr.}

Fuel: {48dt, -.--} 

Cargo: {18dt, -.--} 

Staterooms, 4ea. {16dt, 2.0Mcr.}

In the space of the Low Berth Section:
     Forward Section: Full Hydroponics, 8 human cap. (32dt, 8Mcr.)
               Garden Area--partial hydroponics x3 (6dt, 0.75Mcr.)
               Supply and tool storage (7,000 person-months) (2dt, 0.25Mcr.) 
     Aft Section: Cargo, general hatch added to ship's side (35dt, -.--)
          {75dt, 9Mcr.}

Escape Pods, 4ea. {2dt, 0.4Mcr.}
     Combined into one unit.

Fuel Scoops integral  (TMB, p.106)

Totals for Ship: {200dt, 75.175Mcr.~~63.9McrImp.}

Captain Clive Masterson Jr. (Pilot/Broker)
     8C69A9 Merchant, 10 terms; Age: 58
     Skills: Pilot-2, Leader-2, Admin-2, Broker-3, Sensors-1, Comms-1, Vacc Suit-0, Gun Cbt (Snub SMG)-2, Persuasion-1, Diplomat-1, Streetwise-2, Gunnery-2, Zero-G-1, Computer-0.
1st Mate Shirley Masterson (co-Pilot/Astrogator/Sensors)
     6B6AB9 Merchant, 8 terms; Age: 50
     Skills: Pilot-1, Leader-1, Astrogation-3, Admin-2, Broker-1, Savoir-faire-2, Language-2, Artisan-2, Vacc Suit-0, Zero-G-0, Computer-2.
Crewman Clive Masterson III (Gunner/Service-Trade/Cargo Handling)
     7C5C96 Merchant, 0 terms (4.5 terms growing up on ship); Age: 18
     Skills: Gunner-2, Vacc Suit-1, Computer-1, Comms-0, Sensors-0, Hydroponics-1, Cargo Handling-1, Gun Cbt. (Snub Auto-Pistol)-1.
Chief Engineer Burt Helsingfors (Engineer/Life Support)
     898AA8 Ex-Navy, 3 terms; Merchant, 3 terms; Age: 42
     Skills: Engineer-4 (J-drives-1, P-plant-1, M-drive-1, Electronics-1), Mechanic-1, Hydroponics-1, Vacc Suit-1, Medic-0, Zero-G-1.
Ship's Doctor Amanda Helsingfors (Medic/Steward/Service-Trade)
     797AC8 University, 1 term (Biology degree); Graduate School, 1 term (Medical School); Merchant, 3 terms; Age: 38
     Skills: Medic-3, Genetics-1, Xenology-1, Admin-1, Steward-1, Vacc Suit-0, Hydroponics-2.
Crewman George Helsingfors (Service-Trade/Cargo Handling/Maint.)
     595885 Merchant, 0 terms (3 terms growing up on ship); Age: 12
     Skills: Vacc Suit-0, Zero-G-0, Comms-0, Sensors-0, Mechanic-1, Cargo Handling-0, Hydroponics-0.
Crewman Ronald Helsingfors (Service-Trade/Cargo Handling/Maint.)
     585A85 Merchant, 0 terms (2.5 terms growing up on ship); Age: 10
     Skills: Vacc Suit-0, Zero-G-0, Comms-0, Sensors-0, Electronics-1, Cargo Handling-0, Hydroponics-0.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

MS "Peace Maker" Transport, a converted 300dt sys. def. boat


After Fourth frontier war, this Mk.3 system defense boat (along with many more obsolete vessels) were scrapped due to pressure from reduced peace-time  navel budgets.
Most Mk3 System Defense boats had the Particle beam weapon and hull stealth mods removed before sale to salvage.

Lascalles Merchant Co., LLC. purchased five Mk2s and one Mk3 to convert to system transports. The Mk3 was later resold to a business partner as part of a retirement buy-out package.

This vessel has had the main power plant upgraded, a area effect jump drive has been added and some interior remodeling done for fuel tankage etc.

Converted Antique Systems Defense Boat

     Hull (TL12):
300dt Distributed Configuration, H/S = 6/6 (300dt, 10.8Mcr.)
+Self-sealing (-.--, 3.0Mcr.)
This has been removed (shown here for reference):
     [+Stealth Mod. (DM-4 to detect) (-.--, 30.0Mcr.]
Armour: AF12 Crystal-iron (15%vol., 45dt, 7.2Mcr.)
     Total Hull: {255dt avail., 21.00Mcr.}

     Engineering (TL9-12):
Jump Drive: TL11 Type C, J-2, (20dt, 28.236Mcr.)
Maneuver Drive: TL9 Type J gravitic (6G),
          Bifurcated: 2ea. Type E gravitic M-drive (3G thrust separately) ganged to yield type J performance. (18dt, 32.941Mcr.)
Power Plant: TL12 Type J Fusion Plant (R6) (28dt, 72.0Mcr)

          Fuel Tankage for Power plant (4weeks dur.): (36dt, --.-)
          Fuel Processor (TL9) (20dt/day) (1dt, 0.042Mcr.)
     Total Engineering: {103dt, 133.219Mcr.}

     Bridge (TL12):
Compact Ship class bridge (DM-1) (15dt, 1.65Mcr.)
     Holographic Add-on (Init+2) (-.--, 0.375)
Computer: Model/4fib (R20) (-.--, 7.50Mcr.)
Electronics: V. Advanced (DM+2) (5dt, 4.00Mcr.)
     Improved Signal Processing (DM+2) (TL11, 1dt, 4.00Mcr.
     Total Bridge/Controls: (DM+3) {21dt, 17.525Mcr.}

     Weapons (TL11):
Hardpoint #1 (1dt, -.--)
          Cargo: 50dt in place of weapons bay. (50dt, -.--)

Hardpoint #2 Triple Turret: Pulse Laser PL-10, 3ea.
          (Adv.+3, Accurate, Long Range, 2d6, DM-1, Med. Rng., 1dt, 2.5Mcr.)
Hardpoint #3 Double Turret (Sandcaster x2) (1dt, 1.0Mcr.)
               Sandcaster barrels, 40ea. (2dt, 0.02Mcr.)
               Jump Fuel Tank, J-2 x1 (60dt, -.--)
     Total Weapons: {115dt, 3.52Mcr.~~3.313McrC}

Staterooms, 4ea. {16dt, 2.0Mcr.}

Maneuver/0 - Library - Evade/2 (R15) (2.0Mcr.) - Fire Control/1-4 (R20) (8.0Mcr.)

Ship Totals, not incl. cost of software: {300dt, 177.057Mcr. ~~ 150.499McrImp}

Crew of the Merchant Ship "Peace Maker ":

From left to right we have...

Crewman Chip Flanaggon, Ship's Gunner & Cargo Master.
     7C9887 Ex-Army, 1 term; Ex-merchant (Free Trader), 3 terms. 
     Skills: Gunner-2, Cargo Handling-1, Admin-0, Mechanic-1, Gun Cbt.(Laser Rifle)-1, Sensors-0, Vacc Suit-1, Zero-G-0.
One Ship share (366Kcr.) + personal cash of 44Kcr. = Total investment: (410Kcr.) (11%)

1st Officer Brent Slocum, Navigator & 2nd Pilot.
     7C89A8 Ex-merchant (Subsidized Merchant), 4 terms.
     Skills: Pilot-1, Astrogation-2, Sensors-2, Computer-1, Comms-0, Admin-0, Electronics-0,
Vacc Suit-1, Zero-G-0, Steward-0, Leader-1.
One Ship share (972Kcr.) (26%)

Captain Louisa May Applethorn, 1st Pilot & commander.
     6C7AB9 Ex-merchant (Far Trader), 6 terms (2 w/anagathics).
     Skills: Pilot-2, Astrogation-1, Sensors-1, Comms-1, Admin-2, Broker-2, Vacc Suit-1, Leader-2, Diplomat-1, Steward-0.
Two Ship shares (1,014Kcr.) (27.2%)

Crewman Richard Starkey-Moon, Steward/Medic/Service
     797998 Ex-merchant (Free Trader), 3 terms.
     Skills: Steward-2, Engineering-0, Admin-2, Medic-1, Vacc Suit-0, Mechanic-1.
One Ship share (366Kcr.) (9.8%)
          (Richard is studying Engineering in his spare time and hopes to get rated as a full assistant engineer some day).

Chief Engineer Dawson Sanders, Engineer/Technician
     9AAC98 Ex-Navy, 2 terms; Ex-merchant (Subsidized Merchant) 3 terms.
     Skills: Engineering-3 (Jump Drives-1, Power Plants-1, Gravitics-1, All other drives & equipment-0), Computers-1, Electronics-0, Life Support-1, Vacc Suit-1, Mechanic-1, Jack of all Trades-3.
One ship share (972Kcr.) (26%)

The three officers each get their own cabin; the two crewmen share one cabin double occupancy. The owner of the ship remains at port in semi-retirement (Treat as if the ship is a subsidized merchant--Captain Applethorn keeps half of all profits, but must pay for operating costs.). The crew has cashed in all ship shares and an investment trust is formed with the crew members sharing proportionally in any increase or loss. They start with 3,734,000CrImp. Company is named Tau Ceti Merchant Investment Company (TCMC) after the last ship they all flew on together as crew before this new business.