Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jetsons' household (BMC, Inc.& Assoc.) Recent Events

     Establishing the company headquarters in the Adhara System/Menorial(Trojan Reach 0609).

     Work on the ship, MSS Laburnum Varabilis, begins. [Completes on 094-1010/3I].

     MSS Laburnum Varabilis refurbishment is complete; work begins on MSS Bilroest [148-1011].
     Vessel is pressed into service with the help of the professor to game the markets on Adhara & Hadara; the baroness supervises the shipyard activities and routine business of the company on Adhara. By the end of the year, the remaining ships in inventory arrive in the Menorial and Egyrn subsectors. Space stations are begun in various locations. Sublight scouts, fighters and various other support craft are manufactured  and given refurbishment at the yards on Adhara simultaneously with the work on the larger vessels mentioned above.

     The Baroness gives birth to George Jetson IV.

     MSS Bilroest is completed. Business continues to prosper, but Belgardians and pirates begin to raid into BMC territory costing losses in revenue. By year's end, the careful infiltration of the governments of Adhara and Hadara allow Baron Jetson to gain support from the two systems. The Baron is able to recruit many crewmen to staff his vessels, and money from graft flows throughout the subsectors.

     Baron Jetson attacks the Belgardian Sojourn and defeats the leadership of the authority, but it takes until 194-1012 to fully pacify all the claimed systems. Salvage is shared by all the crew members, making many of them very well off financially. George sets up the rules of governance along technocratic-feudal lines. Various key positions of authority are given to loyal members of the company. The money flows [365-1012].

     Baron Jetson implements plan to shuffle citizens among various worlds under his control. Recruitment begins for various colonization efforts, and for workers to build spacestations and starports. Re-designation of the Ganulph system is under way. All employees of Boadicea Merchant Company, Inc. and citizens of other systems in the Baron's confederacy are offered profoundly generous bonuses to any who are willing to reproduce (primarily humans, but Andorians and Green People are eligible for the programs also; Vulcans and Zhodani are exempt for religious reasons).



Monday, May 30, 2016

Jetson Financials

Dateline: 365-1012 3rdImp ~ c.5531 A. D.


1013-001, Cash Balance = 2,534,686,750CrImp.

MSS Laburnum Varabilis*, {new inception date 094-1010/3I}
     Laburnum class freighter/armed merchant (@J4=30dtx7)
     3000dt Cargo Ship, J4, 1181.1McrImp.

MSS Bilroest,
     Bifrost class long range freighter (@J5=520dt)
     3000dt Cargo Ship, J5, 1135.762McrImp. 
          [W/D pkg.=126.15McrImp]

MSS Choohwoukhabakha**, 
     Oukhaha class freighter (@J2=900dt, @J3=300dt)
     1600dt/1000dt Cargo Ship, J2/J3, TL12, 421.472McrImp.

MSS Deneb***, Magyar class freighter (@J5=169dt/130dt)
     1000dt Cargo Ship, J5, 438McrImp.

MSS Fulani***, Magyar class freighter (@J5=169dt/130dt)
     1000dt Cargo Ship, J5, 438McrImp (394McrImp).

MSS Mustang, Mustang class fast module transport (@J2=30dt+30dt)
     200dt transport ship, J2, 116.587McrImp.

TF05-001 500dt Tanker Ship, 1 each (so far)
     TF05 class tanker, J0, M2, 425dt fuel cap., 85McrImp

ScS Bilbo, ScS Frodo, Sublight Scout (100dt), 2 each, 
     Grey Mouser class scout boat, 111McrImp x 2 = 222McrImp.

*SVa 45dt Tug/Cutter, modular, 2 each, 
     SVa class tug, 30.576McrImp x 2 = 61.152McrImp.

**L71 95dt Shuttle (24.357McImp).

***P1 TL12 20dt Fighter, Mk2C, 12 each, 51McImp x 12 = 612McrImp.


Total Vessels value: 3554.33McrImp

{Annual Maintenance cost is 3,554.33KcrImp (296.2KcrImp/month)}


Monthly Annual Maintenance Fund on current vessels: 0.296McrImp

Loan on fighters and sublight scouts at 630McrImp.
     Payments are 2.625McrImp per month for 40 years.