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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boadicea Merchant Company, Inc. formed.

Corporation formed on the date, 001-1099 3rd Imperium, with accumulated capital from trusts, settlements, and individual wealth. The valuation of this company at IPO is listed at 375Mcr. with issue of 1 million shares (375Cr.per share). Capital is carried in transmittable or portable methods of wealth (861,320,000cr. as of week 52 of 1103), and see Log Book for Ataraxis II for E-chit balance. The board of directors has proposed that starting year 1104, BMC will begin paying dividends on shares. Trust annuity set up (802,080,000cr. initial at 5% w/39year pay out=nets 4,785,457cr. per year) to service debt on ship (and help establish BMC's credit rating).

As of week 0 of 1104, share price is valued at 1,000Cr.Imp. per share.

Projected payment of next annual dividend check, is 6.03Cr.Imp. per share.

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