Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

95dt TL12/13 Armed Fast Shuttle, Type AB Assault Transport

Armed Fast Shuttle, TL12/13, 90dt

Hull: 95dt, Type s9.5, SL, TL13, H/S = 2/2,
(1.95+0.195=2.145)*1.1, {2.36McrD~2.499McrC}
Radiation shielding = n
Heat shielding = y {9.5McrC}
Aerofins (DM+2 in Atmo.) = y {4.75dt, 0.475McrC}
Armor: AF12 (Crystal-Iron, 15%vol, TL12) {14.25dt, 1.416McrC}
Total Hull: {19dt, 13.89McrC~11.807McrImp}

Maneuver Drive:
Bifurcated drive system: Drive Rating of Type B (6G thrust/P6) is produced by two engine pods.
     Engine Pod (3G thrust/P3 each engine alone):
          Type A gravitic M-drive, std., 2dt, 4Mcr9~3.295McrC
          Type A fusion Power plant, std., 4dt, 8McrC
          Fuel tank for 168 hours duration: 1dt
     Total Engine Pod: 7dt, 11.295McrC
Total Engineering: {14dt, 22.59McrC~19.202McrImp}
Total Performance = 6G's Acceleration Continuous.

Bridge & Controls:
Cockpit, 4 each. w/Holographic controls & Radiation Hardening {6dt, 0.75McrC}
Computer: Model 5, TL13, R25 (w/Fire Control/5 software, DM+5) {10McrD~10.589McrC}
Advanced Electronics (DM+1) {3dt, 2McrB~1.882McrC}
Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4, Range+2, no jam) {2dt, 8McrD~8.471McrC}
Total Bridge & Control: {11dt, 21.692McrC~18.438McrImp}

Weapons: 2 Hard Points/Fire Control
     #1: Triple Turret w/ 1 each PA-11 Particle Beam weapon {1dt, 5McrB}
(PA-11 w/Accurate-DM+1 & High Yield; 6-18dmg.+Rad.)
     #2: Triple Fixed Forward Firing weapons mount {1dt, 0.5McrB}
          2ea. Missile Launchers {1.5McrB}
          1ea. Sandcaster {0.25McrB}
     24 smart missiles {2dt, 0.72Mcr.}
     20 Sand caster barrels {1dt, 0.01Mcr.}
Total Weapons & Magazine{5dt, 7.25McrB~5.8MCrImp}

Airlock: 1ea. {1dt, 0.2McrC~0.17McrImp}

Passenger Area (45dt):
     34 each Acceleration Couches (17dt, 1.7MCrC)
     Cabin Space, 18 units (27dt, 1.35McrC)
     Luxuries (1dt, 0.1McrC)
Environmental Limitation=80 hours with 34 passengers and 4 crew.
Total Passenger Area: {45dt, 3.05McrC~2.593McrImp}

Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Engineer/Cargo, 2ea. Steward/Gunner

Totals for vessel: {95dt, 58.01McrImp}


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