Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Adventure Continued

After recovering the alien spacecraft on behalf of Professor MacDougal and the Astronomic Temple, the Ataraxis and other equipment are sold to the Astronomic Temple and the Ataraxis II is laid down at the civilian yards on Demos at Mars/Sol/Solomani Rim. The crew make investments, tidy-up personal affairs, and travel forward in time to commission the Ataraxis II and take it out for a shake-down cruise. Baron George and Prof. MacDougal decide to go ahead with a secret plan to transport the alien spacecraft to Darrian space for a high-level strategic technology transfer between the Third Imperium and the Darrian Confederation.
They must take a more direct route to the Spinward Marches to stay ahead of any possible reports from spies, etc. After much conferring, the senior staff of Boadicea Merchant Company decide to take a route through the edge of Aslani space and cross the Great Rift at the J-5 route. At the beginning of Year 1104, the Ataraxis II has reached Iddamakur [0110, Solomani Rim].

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