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Saturday, March 15, 2008

300dt TL8 Heinlein class Fusion Torch System Ship

This Mongoose Traveller Ship design is inspired by the excellent design from the Ships of the Black Desert series from Max Studios. Buy the deck plans if you like the ship designs.

Hull (3): 300dt at TL8; Titanium Construct
[H/S=4/4] (12Mcr.-20%Discount for TL8=9.6Mcr.)
+Streamlined (+1.2Mcr.)
+Aerofins (-15dt, +1.5Mcr.)
+Heatshielding (+30Mcr.)
+Radiation Shielding (+75Mcr.)
+2/3 point Structure [Structure=4] (-5dt, +1Mcr.)
+2/3 point Hull [Hull=4] (-4dt, +0.4Mcr.)
Armor: AF8 Titanium Armor(-60dt, +2.4Mcr.)
Total Hull: {-84dt, +121.1Mcr.}

Bridge, Standard (-20dt, +1.5Mcr.)
+Basic Military Controls [DM+0] (-2dt, +1Mcr.)
Computer: Model/2 [R10] (+0.16Mcr.)
+Hardened (+0.080Mcr.)
Total Bridge & Control: {-22dt, +2.74Mcr.}

Deutrium3 Fusion Reactor [TL8, Type H]
(-31.25dt, +64Mcr.) [P5]
Fusion Torch Reaction Drive (TL8, Type H]
[Thrust=5, Damage=5d6, Close to Short Range=20km]
[Reaction Mass is water at Spec Gravity 14/1, (-5.5dt H2O tanks)
(if L-Hyd used req. 77dt cap.), Duration=10.2hrs]
(-15dt, +14.2Mcr.)
Solar Panel, retractable (-3.125dt, +0.3125Mcr.)
Type B Nano-Batteries [Dur.=900hrs.] (-7.875dt, +57.6Mcr.)
Total Engineering: {-62.75dt, 136.1125Mcr.}
Fuel: 5.5dt (see Engineering above)

Power Plant Fuel: {-19.25dt H2O tanks} [Dur.=404.25hrs.(46G-hrs in Fusion Mode)]
Cargo: {-35dt}
Consumables {-6dt, +0.6Mcr.}

Airlock Deck [Armoryx3=(-6dt, +1.5Mcr.)]
Power Deck (Workshop) [Labx3.5=(-14dt, +3.5Mcr.)]
2ea. Staterooms + 1ea. Briefing Room [DM+1], [SRx3=
(-12dt, +1.5Mcr.)]
Infirmary, Workshop, Hallways, & Airlocks [SRx3=(-12dt, +1.5Mcr.)]
Support Deck [(SRx3)+(Labx3)=(-24dt, +6MCr.)]
Total Accommodations: {68dt, 15Mcr.}

Weapons: 3ea. Dual Pulse Laser-9, Accurate (DM-1), Damage=2d6
{-3dt, +4.5Mcr.}
{Ship Totals: 300dt,  280.0525Mcr.TL8-C (154.029McrImp.)}

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