Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

1000dt Sector-class Bulk Carrier, TL12, J-2, 2G thr., DM-2, Cargo=557dt, Pass.=8/16 High/Mid-, Low Pass.=10, 218.493McrImp.

1000dt Bulk Carrier

1000dt Standard Hull, HP=400, 50Mcr.
Armor: none
     Total Hull: {1000dt avail., 50Mcr.}

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement = 200EP
     FTL drive:
Jump Drive, TL12 (Adv.+1; 25% less energy), 2psc/wk., 150EP*, 200dt fuel,  55dt, 90.75McrC
     Maneuver Drive:
Gravitic, 2G thrust, TL12 (adv.+2; 25% less energy, size-10%), 150EP*, 18dt, 50McrC
     Power Plant:
Fusion-12, 375EP*, 25dt, 25Mcr.
     Fuel req.=2.5dt (4 weeks)
     Total Engineering:
{2Psc/wk., 2G thrust, 25EP avail.*, 98dt, 165.75McrC}
     *Jump drive and maneuver drive are never run simultaneously.

     Bridge & Controls (TL9):
Ship Class Bridge, DM-4, 20dt, 5Mcr9
     +Holographic Controls (Init.+2), +1.25Mcr9
Electronics: Civilian Grade (DM-2), 1EP, 1dt, 3Mcr9
Computer/10, 0.16Mcr9
     Total Bridge and Controls: {DM-2, Init.+2, 1EP, 21dt, 9.41Mcr9~7.75McrC}

Hardpoint #1: Triple Turret (1EP, 1dt, 1Mcr.)
     [2ea. Pulse Laser-12, Dmg.=2D+2; Adv.+3]
          (Variable Range, High Yield--Dmg.=6-14, 8EP, 2Mcr.)
     [Missile Rack, 0EP, 0.75Mcr.]
Hardpoint #2: Triple Turret (1EP, 1dt, 1Mcr.)
     [2ea. Pulse Laser-12, Dmg.=2D+2; Adv.+3]
          (Variable Range, High Yield--Dmg.=4-12, 8EP, 2Mcr.)
     [Missile Rack, 0.75]
Total Weapons: {14EP, 2dt, 7.5McrC}

Fuel: One Jump-2 + 6.4 weeks duration {204dt, -.--}

Cargo: {557dt, -.--}
     #11 Forward hold (deck @ 6m) 272dt
     #12 Cargo elevator 52dt
     #18 Lower hold (deck @5.67m) 204dt
     #19 Transfer / elevator deck 32dt

Staterooms, 20ea. {80dt, 10Mcr.}
Low Berths, 10ea. {1EP, 5dt, 0.5Mcr.}

Ship's Boat in Docking Ring {33dt, 8.25Mcr.+7.3Mcr.}
     (Ship's Boat, 30dt, 7.3Mcr.)

Totals for Ship: {9EP avail., 1000dt, 249.75McrC~212.288McrImp.}

Crew (12):
Captain (Pilot 1)
First Officer (Pilot 2)
Helm/Comms (Pilot 3)
Astrogator/Sensors (Astrogator)
Chief Engineer (Eng. 1)
Asst. 1 Engineer (Eng. 2)
Asst. 2 Engineer (Eng. 3)
Maint. Mech. (Mech. 1)
Medic/Purser (Medic/Purser)
Cargo Master/Steward (Steward)
Gunner (Gunner 1)
Gunner (Gunner 2)

8ea. High or 16 Mid-
10ea. Low Berth



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