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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TL8 800dt Antique In-system Hauler (Cargo transport)

Correction for the design in Mongoose Traveller Supplement 2 ("Traders, Gunboats, etc.")

     These old in-systems haulers were replaced by higher-technology freighters and tugs many years ago by most space faring communities, but can still be found operating in poorer communities. The hauler is used to ferry cargo and small craft from one end of a system to the other, serving on long trips past planets on their route. They are large, use primitive versions of gravitic drives, and rely on dirty fission power-plants.
     Normal crew is 3 pilots, 2 engineers and a gunner.
     The antique in-systems hauler is a Technology Level 8 design.

Antique In-Systems Hauler

Hull: 800 (Distributed config., Hull/Structure=9/9, No Armor)
     {800dt avail., 56Mcr.8}

No Jump Drive
Maneuver Drive: prototype Gravitic type G (2G) {26dt, 42Mcr.8}
Power Plant: standard fission reactor type G (R2) {44dt, 112Mcr.8}

     Standard bridge (20dt, 4Mcr.8)
     Computer: Model/1 (R5) (--dt, 0.03Mcr.8)
     Electronics: Standard (DM –4)
Total Bridge & Controls: {20dt, 4.03Mcr.8}

Weapons: 1ea hardpoint: Double Turret (Sandcaster/Sandcaster)
     {1dt, 1Mcr.8}
     Ammunition: 20 sandcaster barrels {1dt, 0.01Mcr.8}

Fuel: (duration= 1year) {14dt, 14Mcr8/year}
Cargo: {638dt, --Mcr.8}
Staterooms: 6ea standard {24dt, 3Mcr.8}
Low Berths: 20ea standard {10dt, 1Mcr.8}
Grapple Arm {2dt, 1Mcr.8}
Docking Clamps: 2ea Clamps (100-300 dton Capacity) {20dt, 4Mcr.8}

Ship Totals: {800dt, 238.03Mcr.8; 154.7195McrImp.}

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