Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

UFP Rocinante, TL16/17 Luxury Transport, 1800dt.

Freighter/Liner (Diplomatic Barge)

TL16 Hull: HP=720, 1800dt 90Mcr.
          +Streamlining (Airframe) +9Mcr.
          +Aerofins (Control surfaces, DM+2 Atmo.) -90dt +9Mcr.
          +Armor: AF16 Molecular Bonded armor -144dt +216Mcr.
          +Stealth (DM-4) +180Mcr.
          +Heat Shielding +180Mcr.
          +Radiation Shielding (+6AP vs. Rad) +45Mcr.
Total Hull: +1,566dt 729Mcr.

Total Ship Systems Power Requirement = -360EP

Ship Systems Power Plant, 400EP output, Fusion-15, 20dt, +400EP, +40Mcr.
     Uses 0.5dt fuel (L-hyd) per week.
     Can power the warp drive to 0.2psc/day rate if crew and passengers are willing to forgo anti-gravity/inertial compensation.

The following drives are ganged together.

4ea. Power Plant section in each engine pod has the following:
     Fusion-15 Power Plant, 24dt, 480EP, 48Mcr.
          Uses 0.6dt fuel (L-hyd) per week.
Combined the total power plant capacity is as follows:
     480/960/1440/1920 EP output for 1/2/3/4 drives active using
     2.4dt fuel per week.
Total Power Plants -96dt, +1920EP, +192Mcr.

4ea. M-drive Engine pods, each with
     Gravity Thruster (2.5%) 2.5G thrust, 45dt, 450EP, 90Mcr.
Combined the total sublight drives yield the following performance:
2.5/5.0/7.5/10.0 G thrust for 1/2/3/4 drives active
Total Manuever drives -180dt, -1800EP, 360Mcr.

In rear section of main body/fuselage is the FTL drive:

Warp FTL drive (10%), -180dt, -1800EP, 360Mcr.
     1 parsec per day; gravitic drives not used while this drive is active.
     Drive can be operated at fractional parsec travel rate (eg. 0.25/0.50/0.75/1.00 psc/day).

Power Plant Fuel (duration = 3,012hours--17.93 weeks), 52dt, --Mcr.
     Note: Duration can be extended if engine pod power plants are shut down or speeds reduced.
Fuel Purification Plant (40dt/day), 2dt, 2EP, 0.10Mcr.

Total Engineering: 
     Duration=18 weeks, -530dt, 158EP avail. (2320-2163=157), +952.10Mcr.

Standard bridge (DM-4): 40dt 9Mcr.
          +Holographic Controls (+2 Init) +2.25Mcr.
Computer: Core/100fib +195Mcr.
2nd Comp.: Comp./35fib +45Mcr.
Advanced Sensors/Electronics (DM+2), 5dt, 6EP, 5.3Mcr.
Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4, Range+2), 2dt, 2EP, 8Mcr.
Deep Penetration Scanners, 1dt, 1EP, 1Mcr.
Military Countermeasures Suite (DM+6) -15dt, 2EP, +28Mcr.
     +Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4) -2dt, 2EP, +8Mcr.

Total Bridge and Controls (DM+6 to +10): -65dt, 8-13EP +301.55Mcr.

Weapons & Defenses:

In the center forward lower deck
     6ea. PA-11 barbettes w/ heavy cooling
          [Accurate, High Yield: Dm+1, Dmg.8-24]
          -32dt, 90EP, +48McrB~38.4McrImp.

     Plantier Shield Generator
[Hits 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10] -10dt 35Mcr.
Nuclear Damper -10dt, 20EP, +10Mcr.
Meson Screen -10dt, 30EP, +20Mcr.

Total Weapons and Defenses: -82dt, 140EP, 103.4Mcr.

Payload (889dt, -4EP, 161.062Mcr.):

Hanger 1: 50dt Cutter, Tycho Brahe, 100dt, 20Mcr.

Hanger 2: 50dt Cutter, Copernicus, 100dt, 20Mcr.

Space for mission modules:
     Docking Space for 6ea. 30dt module slots, 3 adjacent to each cutter hanger
          (180dt), 198dt, 49.5Mcr.

Dock for Ship's Boat 1: {30dt, 10.37McrImp.}, 33dt, 8.25Mcr.

Dock for Ship's Boat 2: {30dt, 10.37McrImp.}, 33dt, 8.25Mcr.

Garage: Full Hanger for 20dt of vehicles, 40dt, 8Mcr.

Workshops, 2ea., 12dt, 1.8Mcr.

     Crew Accommodations (161dt, 1EP, 22.062Mcr.):
3ea. High Staterooms, 18dt, 2.4Mcr.
26ea. Staterooms, Dbl. occup., 104dt, 13Mcr.
1ea. Briefing Room, 4dt, 0.5Mcr.
1ea. Library, 4dt, 4Mcr.
1ea. Medical Bay, 4dt, 1EP, 2Mcr.
Gaming Space for 18 sophonts, 27dt, 0.162Mcr.

     Passenger Accommodations (136dt, 3EP, 23.2Mcr.+30Kcr./mo.):
6ea. Luxury Staterooms, 60dt, 9Mcr.+30Kcr./month
4ea. High Staterooms, 24dt, 3.2Mcr.
6ea. Staterooms (for servants), 24dt, 3Mcr.
1ea. Library 4dt +4Mcr.
1ea. Medical Bay, 4dt, 1EP, 2Mcr.
20ea. Low Berths, 10dt, 2EP, 1Mcr.
Cargo storage for luxuries: 10dt, 1Mcr.

Cargo Storage General: 76dt

     Total Ship:
1800dt, HP=720, AF16, SL, ST, HS, RS, PSG, ND, MS, Atmo.+2, Init.+2, DM+6, 10G thrust sublight, 1 parsec per day FTL rate, Duration=18 weeks, 1EP avail., 6ea. PA-11 Barbettes, 2ea. cutters, 8 additional 30dt modules, 0EP avail., Cost=2247.162McrImp.+30Kcr./mo. (Maint.=+43.22Kcr./week) (Crew salary extra.)


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