Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

200dt YT1300 Freighter, "Millennium Falcon"

TL16 200dt freighter, YT1300

Advanced 200dt, H/S=8/8, p.Streamlined, 17.6McrImp
+Self-sealing option (2.0McrImp)
+AF6 BSD armor (5%vol.) (10dt, 4.0McrImp)
Total Hull: AF6, H/S=8/8, SL, SS, 190dt avail., 23.6McrImp

Type A hyperspace drive (200dt portal) (20dt, 10McrImp)
Type E gravitic maneuver drive, TL9
     (5G thrust/5psc per day, 9dt, 20Mcr9~6.3McrImp)
Type E fusion power plant, TL12
     (P5 rating, 5dt fuel per week, 16dt, 40McrC~34McrImp)
Fuel Processor: (20dt per day, 1dt, 0.035McrImp)
Total Engines: 5G or 5psc/day, 46dt, 50.335McrImp

Fuel: (8weeks duration, 40dt)

Standard TL15 Controls and Electronics (DM-4, 10dt, 1.0McrImp)
     +Holographic controls (Init.+2, 0.25McrImp)
     +Radiation Shielding (AF6/1000rads protection vs. rad., 0.25McrImp)
Very advanced Electronics (DM+2, 5dt, 3.4McrImp)
Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4, Range+2, no jam, 2dt, 7.2McrImp)
Computer: Model 7fib (R35, rad. resist., 45McrImp)
Total Bridge and Controls: DM+6, Range+2, no jam, R35, 17dt, 57.1McrImp

Weapons & Defenses:
2ea. Dual Pulse laser turrets (PL-10, adv.+3, Accurate, High Yield, DM-1, Dmg.4-12)
     (2dt, 3.0McrA~2.25McrImp)
Plantier Area Effect Shield Generator
(Level-4 |Hits 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4|) {10dt, 35Mcr.}
     Each level of gravitic thrust given up provides an increase in level of protection.
          [Example: at minus 1G, 2/3 of any damage inflicted will actually make it to the hull;
          at minus 4G, 1/4 of any damage inflicted will actually make it to the hull.]
Total Weapons & Defenses: 12dt, 37.25McrImp

3ea. Staterooms (12dt, 1.5McrC~1.275McrImp)

1ea. Vault--hidden compartment (6dt avail. w/rad. shielding, 12dt, 6.75McrImp)

In several compartments (see above): 51dt

Total for Vessel: 200dt, 176.31McrImp
(Value is for this heavily modified freighter; stock freighters would be quite a bit less expensive) Annuals are somewhat offset by most of the maintenance being done by the owner/crew, but ideally 14,693cr per month should be set aside for annual maintenance.)

Han Solo
Chewbaca UuurdrdughggIkha
1-3 Droids


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