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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Crew Roster for "MS Laburnum Varabile" Long Range Transport

The starship, "MS Laburnum Varabile", is under Imperial registry out of Terra/Sol. It is fully owned by the Boadicea Merchant Co., Inc., and is assigned to the Serenity Convoy (the Earth Spinward Marches J-5 route).

The Firefly class vessels previously in service were destroyed in an altercation with a rival Aslani clan--everyone safely escaped, including the professor and his machine. With all company resources redirected to the purchase and out fitting of this vessel, the following crew members are also full-time residents of this vessel as it travels across the J-5 route via Aslani space to the Trojan Reaches and thence to the Spinward Marches:

C.O. :          Baron George Jetson, Captain, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
                         (& CEO of Boadicea Merchant Co., Inc.)
X.O. :          Baroness Farin Jetson, Executive Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
                         (& V.P. of Marketing/Operations, BMC, Inc.)
1st Pilot:      Col. Schuyler North, First Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
2nd Pilot:     Lt. Col. Elizabeth DeWitte, Second Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
3rd Pilot:     Scout Leader Clarke Lewis, Third Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Astrogator:  Lady Anya Jetson, First Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
                         (Major Shareholder, Marketing Admin., BMC, Inc.)
Astrog., Asst./ Sensors, pos. 1:
                    Prof. Heime deL'Rogiese, Second Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Astrog., Asst./Comms, pos. 1:
                    Maj. George Hakei, Third Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Sensors, pos. 2/Plantier Shield Operator:
                    Edwina Mundas, Hacker, Asst. Electronics Technician (PO1), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Comms, pos. 2/Computers--IT:
                    StuWiFoo, CyberMonk, Chief Electronics Technician (CPO), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Ship Security/Weapons Officer/Gunner #1:
                    Maj. Cassandra de Haviland, Third Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Ship's Doctor/Environment Officer:
                    Dr. Virginia de Haviland, Second Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
                         [1ea. Medical Module Installed in slot # 11]
Ship's Steward & Master Chef:
                    Haku Natasuda, Crewman (PO1), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Assistant Steward & Purser:
                    Janie Thetford, Crewman (PO2), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Gunner #2:  Scout Anthony Solaris
Gunner #3:  Scout Houston Giles
Gunner #4:  Joan Eschanuk
Gunner #5:  Peshwe Karsca
Gunner #6:  QueeQueg

          Engineering Staff:
Yeoman James MacKinstry, Chief Engineer (1st Officer), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Sharon MacKinstry, Asst. Chief Engineer (2nd Officer), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Allison Kozhinsky, 1st Engineer (3rd Officer), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Hans Urlichtmann, 2nd Engineer (4th Officer), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Jim Thetford, 3rd Engineer & Energy Systems (Crewman, CPO), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Dr. C.E. Denver-Cochrane, Gen, Engineer (Crewman, CPO), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
Sakaj Weya, Gen. Engineer (Crewman, PO1), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
GORT THX1331, Gen. Engineer (Crewman, PO3), M.S. Laburnum, etc.
RALPH R2D9-A1, Gen Engineer (Crewman, PO4), M.S. Laburnum, etc.

          Wookie Assault Team (& Ship security):
     3ea. 30dt modules are assigned for this group
     (1ea. personal/residential, 1ea. Food Module--7ea.Soph., 1ea. 20dt Lander/Hanger Module)
Team Leader/Pilot/Shaman: {}
Fire Team A leader: {}
     Soldier A1/Driver: {}
     Soldier A2/Mechanic: {}
Fire Team B leader: {}
     Soldier B1/Gunner: {}
     Soldier B2/Medic: {}

Eleanor Eastinghouse-MacKinstry
          (daughter of the engineers, currently works in hydroponics, age 10)
Anna-Sophie Dewey-Mundas
          (daughter of the electronics techs, currently works for the Steward's office, age 11)
Isaac Solaris
          (son of Anthony Solaris--mother lost in EVA accident, working in hydroponics, age 8)
Trance Orion-Gaia, Suppl. Environmental Sciences Officer--3rd Officer, M.S. Laburnum, etc.
          (personal guest of the Baron, and welcome Biosciences Educator for the whole crew)

          Research, Chronologist, & additional technical support:
     2ea. 30dt modules are assigned for this group
     (1ea. Special module is usually attached to TugA)
     (1ea. personal/residential module is loaded into module slot #12)
Prof. Sir Dr. James Ya-Rasta Makeha-meha MacDougal
          PhD. Physics; Professor of Astrophysics, Astronomic Temple of Jamaica, Terra.
          Doctor Emeritus from Cambridge University UK, Terra. 
Lady Karen Chang, companion, business broker, etc.
Mentat Senlisa (paid for by the Astronomic Temple)
Maj. Alice Kirov, bodyguard for Lady Karen & Prof. MacDougal

          Guest of Honor (assigned full Stateroom and granted full access to the C.O.):

Aslani Diplomat: ___________

Total Crew & Passengers: 44 sophonts {The M.S. Laburnum Varabilis provides life  support 20ea crew. The 7ea. Wookies are supplied with their own food module reducing mission life support need to 37 sophonts. 3ea. 30dt Optimized fHyd. food Modules for +21 life support are designated from payload (20+21=41), yielding surplus life support for 4ea. additional sophonts or for luxury foods--currently used for medicinal, recreational, and luxury foods/plants.}

Accommodations Roster

Forward section (M.S. Laburnum Varabile)=12ea. Staterooms:

Cabin #1: C.O. (The Baron and Baroness sleep together here and use the other SR for office space)
Cabin #2: X.O. (see above)
Cabin #3: 1st Pilot
Cabin #4: Astrogator
Cabin #5: Aslani Diplomat
Cabin #6: Guest High Passage
Cabin #7: Trance Orion-Gaia
Cabin #8: Dbl.Occ.: 2nd Pilot, 3rd Pilot
Cabin #9: Dbl.Occ.: Sensors1, Comms1
Cabin #10: Dbl.Occ.: Sensors2, Comms2
Cabin #11: Dbl.Occ.: Tug A pilot, Tug B pilot
Cabin #12: Dbl.Occ.: Gunner, Gunner

Engineering Section (M.S. Laburnum Varabile)=12ea. Staterooms:

Cabin #13: Dbl.Occ.: Chief Engineer, Asst Chief Engineer
Cabin #14: Dbl.Occ.: Steward/Chef, Isaac Solaris
Cabin #15: Dbl.Occ.: 1st Engineer, 2nd Engineer
Cabin #16: Dbl.Occ.: 3rd Engineer, Steward/Purser
Cabin #17: Dbl.Occ.: Eleanor MacKinstry, Anna Mundas
Cabin #18: Dbl.Occ.: Gen. Eng. A, Gen. Eng. C
Cabin #19: Dbl.Occ.: Gen. Eng. B, Gen. Eng. D
Cabin #20: Dbl.Occ.: Gunner, Gunner
Cabin #21: Dbl.Occ.: Gunner, Gunner
Cabin #22: Dbl.Occ.: Gunner, Gunner
Cabin #23: Dbl.Occ.: Gunner, Gunner
Cabin #24: Dbl.Occ.: Gunner, Gunner

12 each remaining Gunners are housed in Residential Modules #s 1-4 (q.v.).
The professor and his team are housed in his residential module.
Ship's Doctor is housed at medical module.

MS_Laburnum Varabile Payload Roster

Slot#_01: Residential Module A (4 persons w/food, etc.)
Slot#_02: Residential Module A (4 persons w/food, etc.)
Slot#_03: Residential Module A (4 persons w/food, etc.)
Slot#_04: Residential Module A (4 persons w/food, etc.)
Slot#_05: Cargo Module
Slot#_06: Cargo Module
Slot#_07: Cargo Module
Slot#_08: Cargo Module
Slot#_09: Cargo Module
Slot#_10: Cargo Module
Slot#_11: Cargo Module
Slot#_12: Cargo Module

Slot#_13: Residential Module B (2 persons w/food, etc.)—spare capacity
Slot#_14: Medical Module (Ship's Hospital & Doctor's SR, etc)
Slot#_15: Professor MacDougal's Residence module
TugA_Slot(+2pass.): Special Module
TugB_Slot(+6pass.): Passenger Transfer Module



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