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Monday, May 30, 2016

Jetson Financials

Dateline: 365-1012 3rdImp ~ c.5531 A. D.


1013-001, Cash Balance = 2,534,686,750CrImp.

MSS Laburnum Varabilis*, {new inception date 094-1010/3I}
     Laburnum class freighter/armed merchant (@J4=30dtx7)
     3000dt Cargo Ship, J4, 1181.1McrImp.

MSS Bilroest,
     Bifrost class long range freighter (@J5=520dt)
     3000dt Cargo Ship, J5, 1135.762McrImp. 
          [W/D pkg.=126.15McrImp]

MSS Choohwoukhabakha**, 
     Oukhaha class freighter (@J2=900dt, @J3=300dt)
     1600dt/1000dt Cargo Ship, J2/J3, TL12, 421.472McrImp.

MSS Deneb***, Magyar class freighter (@J5=169dt/130dt)
     1000dt Cargo Ship, J5, 438McrImp.

MSS Fulani***, Magyar class freighter (@J5=169dt/130dt)
     1000dt Cargo Ship, J5, 438McrImp (394McrImp).

MSS Mustang, Mustang class fast module transport (@J2=30dt+30dt)
     200dt transport ship, J2, 116.587McrImp.

TF05-001 500dt Tanker Ship, 1 each (so far)
     TF05 class tanker, J0, M2, 425dt fuel cap., 85McrImp

ScS Bilbo, ScS Frodo, Sublight Scout (100dt), 2 each, 
     Grey Mouser class scout boat, 111McrImp x 2 = 222McrImp.

*SVa 45dt Tug/Cutter, modular, 2 each, 
     SVa class tug, 30.576McrImp x 2 = 61.152McrImp.

**L71 95dt Shuttle (24.357McImp).

***P1 TL12 20dt Fighter, Mk2C, 12 each, 51McImp x 12 = 612McrImp.


Total Vessels value: 3554.33McrImp

{Annual Maintenance cost is 3,554.33KcrImp (296.2KcrImp/month)}


Monthly Annual Maintenance Fund on current vessels: 0.296McrImp

Loan on fighters and sublight scouts at 630McrImp.
     Payments are 2.625McrImp per month for 40 years.


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