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Friday, September 15, 2017

Annic Nova, Non-standard Free Trader, 600dt, TL14

600 dtons, Standard, 30Mcr.
Armor (for portion of hull not modular=520dt):
     AF12 Bonded SuperDense (9.6%vol.), 49.92dt+repair material (0.08dt): 50dt,
          Cost: (8%HullBaseCost/pt.), 24.96Mcr.+0.04Mcr.: 25Mcr.
Modular Portion: 2ea. 40dt small craft (non-std. Pinnace), 80dt, 4Mcr.
     Detachable craft provide 2G gravitic sublight thrust when attached to
     Docking clamps (type II), 2ea., 10dt, 2Mcr.
Total Hull and Docking configuration for jump travel: 600dt/460dt avail., 61Mcr.

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement: 120EP

Jump-3 for 600dt hull, 180EP, 50dt, 75Mcr.
Jump-2 for 600dt hull, 120EP, 35dt,  52.5Mcr.
     Collectors for jump drives in lieu of jump fuel: 23dt, 11.5Mcr.
     Power Plant
Fusion Power Plant (TL12+), 330EP, 22dt, 22Mcr.
     Fuel for 4 weeks = 2.2dt
Fuel Tanks 8 weeks operation: 4.4dt
Fuel Purification Plant, 12dt per day, 0.6dt, 0.03Mcr.
     Total Engines and fuel: 150EP avail., 135dt, 161Mcr.

     Bridge and Control:
Bridge, standard (DM-4), 20dt, 3Mcr.
     +Bridge, Small (Forward Control Area), 10dt, 1.5Mcr.
     +Holographic controls (Init.+2), --dt, 0.75Mcr.
Computer/15fib - 3Mcr.
Military Grade (DM0), 2EP, 2dt, 4.1Mcr.
     Total Controls: DM0, Init.+2, Comp15fib, 2EP, 32dt, 12.35Mcr.

2ea. Single Turrets, (w/1ea. Beam Laser Weapon), 8EP, 2dt, 1.4Mcr.
Pinnace x2 - [see above], [50.98Mcr.]
Systems Workshop, 4ea., 24dt, 3.6Mcr.
Briefing Room, 4dt, 0.5Mcr.
Hydroponics (Biosphere), 10ea. units, 10EP, 10dt, 2Mcr.
Staterooms High, 11ea, 66dt, 8.8Mcr.
Cargo: 187dt

Ship Total: 10EP avail. 600dt, HP=240, AF12, 250.65Mcr.+50.98Mcr. (301.63Mcr.)
Annual Maintenance: 25,139cr./month (12mo. yr.)

| 40dt Pinnace, 2ea. (Portside and Starboard)

40dt Streamlined Hull (40dt, 2.2Mcr.)
          Armor: AF9 Bonded SuperDense (7.2%) (2.88dt, 1.584Mcr.)
     Integral (w/fuel scoops) fuel processor: 2.4dt/day, 0.12dt, 0.006Mcr.
     Total Hull: 40dt, HP=16, H/S=1/1, {37dt avail., 3.79Mcr.}
Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement: 8EP.

Control & Sensors:
Bridge, standard (DM-4), 3dt, 0.5Mcr.
          Civilian Grade Sensors (DM-2), 1EP, 1dt, 3Mcr.)
          Computer: Model 2 (--, 0.160Mcr.)
     Total Controls: {1EP, 4dt, 3.66Mcr.}

Weapons: none

Airlock {1dt, 0.200Mcr.}

Gravitic M-drive, 9G thrust (1G/600dt hull@60EP), 36EP, 6dt, 12Mcr.*
Fusion Pwr. Plant, (TL12), 69EP, 4.6dt, 4.6Mcr.)
Fuel: 1dt (4 weeks)
     space for storage/maint.: 0.4dt
Total Engineering: {9EP/33EP avail., 11dt, 16.6Mcr.}

Payload: {21dt, varies}

          Portside Pinnace: 3 configurations:
shown: 21dt cargo bay
not shown: 21dt fuel tank
not shown: 16ea. acceleration couches (8dt, 0.48Mcr.), +13dt cargo

          Starboard Pinnace: 1 configuration:
4ea. Ship class staterooms (16dt, 2Mcr.), +5dt cargo

*The drives of the two vessels are synchronized and combined yield 2G thrust when coupled to main ship.

Totals for vessel(s):  
Portside Pinnace {40dt, 24.73Mcr.}
Starboard Pinnace {40dt, 26.25Mcr.}



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