Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

30dt TL12 Ship's Boat, standard configuration, 10.37McrImp., 6 passengers, 7dt cargo, 6G thrust.

This MRB design is to allow the use of the excellent Loren Wiseman "deck plans for standard craft" series.

Hull: TL12, Streamlined, 1.65Mcr.
Hull Points = 12
Armored: AF8 Crystal-Iron (10%vol., +40%cost), 3dt, 0.66Mcr.
Heat Shielding: none
Radiation Shielding: none
Total Hull: {HP=12, AF8, 27dt avail., 2.31Mcr.}
Total Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement = 6EP.

Gravitic M-drive, TL12, 6G thrust, 18EP, 1.8dt, 3.6McrC.
Fusion-8 Power Plant, TL12, 30EP, 3dt, 1.5Mcr8~1.147McrC.
     Uses 0.075dt/week. Rules req. 1dt minimum:
          Reactor Fuel (4 weeks duration) {1dt}
Fuel Purification Plant, 4dt/day, 0.2dt, 0.01
Total Engines & Fuel: {6G thrust, 12EP avail., -5dt, 4.757Mcr.}

Bridge: Standard (DM-4), 3dt, 0.5Mcr.
     +Holographic Controls, Init.+2, +0.125Mcr.
Basic Military Ship Class Electronics (DM+0) {2EP, 2dt, 4.1McrA~3.618McrC.}
Model 2/fib Computer, R10 :: Man./0, Library {0.24Mcr.}
Bridge and Sensors: 5dt, 4.965Mcr.
Total: {DM0, R10, 2EP, -5dt, 4.483Mcr.}

Airlock: {-1dt, 0.2Mcr.}

Weapons: none (firmpoint mount)

Payload (16dt):
Cabin Space, 6ea., 9dt, 0.45Mcr.
Cargo Area: 7dt cargo space {7dt}.

Ship totals: 30dt, AF8, HP=12, SL, Init.+2, DM0, 4EP avail., 

Total Cost: 12.2McrC.~10.37McrImp. (9.852McrImp. in quantity)

This is the standard "ship's boat" that is the vessel most received when the ship's boat mustering-out benefit is achieved. Maint. Cost: 200CrImp./week, +life support, +crew expenses, etc.


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