Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

200dt, TL12-14, Advanced Fast Transport (Payload 30+30)

200dt TL14, HP=80, Self-sealing included, 10Mcr.
     +Streamlining, +1Mcr.
Armor: AF6 BSD (4.8%vol.) (9.6dt, 5.28McrE)
Total Hull: {190.4dt avail., 16.28McrE~17.1McrImp}

Basic Ship Systems power requirement=40EP

     FTL drive:
TL14 Jump, 2psc/week, 40EP, Adv.+3 (Size-30%), 10.5dt, 15.75McrE~14.963McrImp.
     Sublight drive:
TL14 Gravitic, 6G thrust, 90EP, 10.8dt, 21.6McrE~20.52McrImp.
Fusion-12, 180EP output, 12dt, 12McrC~10.2McrImp.
     Uses 1.2dt fuel / 4 weeks
     Reactor Fuel, 4 weeks, 1.2dt
Jump Fuel, 1ea. J-2 or 2ea. J-1, 40dt
Fuel Processor, 30dt per day, 1.5dt, 0.075McrC~0.064McrImp.
     Total Engineering & Fuel:
{J-2, 6G thrust, 50EP avail., 960 hours duration, 76dt, 45.747McrImp}

     Bridge (TL10):
Ship Class Bridge (10dt, 1.000)
Radiation Hardening Add-on (---, +0.250Mcr.)
Holographic Add-on (Init. +2) (---, +0.250Mcr.)
Electronics: Military Grade Sensors, DM+0, 2EP, 2dt, 4.1Mcr.)
Computer: Model R20fib, TL12 (---, 7.500McrC~8.5McrA)
     Total Controls: {DM0, Init.+2, R20ff, 2EP, 12dt, 14.1McrA~10.575McrImp}

Hardpoints, 2ea., 2dt
     HP1: Triple Turret w/1ea. PA-11 Particle Beam Weapon (5McrB~4McrImp)
     HP2: Triple Turret w/1ea. PA-11 Particle Beam Weapon (5MCrB~4McrImp)
     Total Weapons: {2dt, 8McrImp}

Docking Space for 30dt module, 2ea., 66dt, 16.5McrE~15.675McrImp.
Six Staterooms (24dt, 3.000McrC~2.55McrImp.
Air/Raft Hanger, 4dt, 0.275McrC~0.234McrImp.
Workshop, TL15, 6dt, 0.9McrImp.
Cargo: 0.4dt (Ship's Locker)
     Total Extras, not incl. cost of modules: {100.4dt, 19.359McrImp}

Ship Totals, not incl. module costs {200dt, 100.781McrImp}


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