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Monday, March 5, 2018

50dt TL12 Fast Courier, Sublight, AF4(8), HP20, 6G thrust, Init.+2, DM0, 6 weeks dur., 20.51McrImp.

 50 dton Fast Cutter

This vessel is highly specialized and somewhat more expensive than the more versatile 50dt modular cutter. However, because this vessel is optimized for speed and redundancy, it is valuable for the more wealthy individuals and organizations needing fast transport and who can afford it. The vessel is small and sublight capable only, so a pilot wanting to travel to another star system would either ship the vessel as cargo with one of the transport companies, or someone with extra credits to burn could purchase and install a 5dt Warp Drive set (10Mcr.), sacrificing the carried vehicle space.

This ship is finely crafted with detailed attention to each small subsection of this small craft.

Command Pod (7.5dt)

The polarized canopy allows for an excellent view and the pilot’s seat is designed to slide easily along guides set into the floor – allowing quick access to the control panels along the side and back walls. The cockpit is very spacious for a single pilot and could, in fact, accommodate another one to two seats for a copilot and/or flight engineer in the aft part of the compartment. The pod is more heavily armored than the rest of the ship and includes heat shielding for atmospheric re-entry and radiation shielding for crew/electronics protection.

Rather than use a breakaway hull design the entire command pod is it's own short range small craft and can detach from the main body of the ship. This also allows the bridge section to serve as an escape pod or life boat in an emergency situation. There are reaction drives installed using water for reaction mass, but only so many G-h can be carried, so range is limited. If too much reaction mass is expanded to achieve landing there will be no means of rejoining the ship short of refueling, launch, and careful space docking. The remainder of the vessel is unstreamlined and has no controls for flight when/if the command pod is detached.

Storage lockers near the back of the compartment hold food and survival gear.
Biosphere equipment for full rations for one sophont is installed and power is available for 2 weeks. There are also reserve atmosphere & water recyclers that will support the lifeboat for up to two weeks adrift.

Command Pod Launch, 7.5dton small launch/lifeboat, TL12
7.5dt streamlined hull, HP3, 0.450Mcr.
     +AF8 Crystaliron Armor, 0.75dt, 0.150Mcr.
     +Heat Shielding, 0.750Mcr.
     +Radiation Shielding (1kRads), 0.1875Mcr.
Total Hull: 7.5dt (6.75dt avail.), HP3, SL, 1.5EP pwr.req., 1.5375Mcr.

Small Craft Bridge (50dt-, DM-4), 3dt, 0.500Mcr.
     +Holographic controls (Init.+2), 0.125Mcr.
     Computer: Model 10fib, R10f, 0.240Mcr.
Total Controls (as separate from ship, see remainder of ship for sensor arrays, etc.):
     DM-4, Init.+2, R10f, 3dt, 0.865Mcr.

2G thrust Reaction Drives (2ea. 1G thrusters), 0.3dt, 0EP, 0.060Mcr.
     Uses 0.03dt H2O per G-hour.
25 G-hours Reaction Mass (H2O), 0.75dt
Power: Fusion-8 Power Plant, 2EP output, 0.2dt, 0.100Mcr.
     Uses 1dt per 4 weeks duration.
Reactor Fuel for 2 weeks, 0.5dt
     Total Engineering: 2G thrust (25Gh), 2 weeks dur., +2EP, 1.75dt, 0.160Mcr.

Airlock, small, 1dt, 0.200Mcr.
Biosphere for 1 sophont, 0.5dt, 0.5EP, 0.1Mcr.
Cargo: Stores, 0.5dt

Total Command Pod: 7.5dt, SL, HS, RS, HP3, AF8, 2G thr., 2 weeks dur., DM-4**, Init.+2, R10f, -2EP, 2.8625McrC

Total Hull of remainder of ship: 42.5dt, +SL, BSSP=8.5EP, 2.550Mcr.
     +AF4 Crystaliron Armor, 2.5dt, 0.51Mcr.
     +Aerofins for 50dt vessel, 2.5dt, 0.25Mcr.
Total Hull other than command pod space: 
42.5dt (37.5dt avail.), SL (w/cmd. pod docked), 3.31Mcr.

37.5dt avail.

Access Corridor (5dt, 0.9Mcr.)

Primary access to Wayfarer is through the pair of pressure doors on either side of the “neck” which open into the narrow corridor between the command pod to the crew quarters. The walls and ceiling are cramped with various system components and controls and the entire corridor can function as an air lock when necessary.

Docking Clamp (1-30dt), 1dt, 0.5Mcr.
Airlock space, 4dt, 0.4Mcr.

Crew Quarters (7.5dt, 0.95Mcr.)

High Stateroom, 1ea., 6dt, 0.8Mcr.
Common Space, 1.5dt, 0.15Mcr.
The single bed can fold into the wall to allow more open floor space, or a second bunk can fold out over the first to accommodate an additional crew member. A food dispenser, media station, and sink fill out the perimeter of the room while separate chambers in the rear hold the toilet and shower facilities.

Cargo Section (15dt, -10EP, 6.1Mcr.)

Part storeroom, part garage, and part engineering section – the large cargo bay is filled with various crates and equipment.

Military Grade Sensor Array Mounted Exterior Dorsal of this area:
   Accessed from workshop area, DM0**, 2dt, -2EP, 4.1McrC
Workshop, 6dt, 0.9Mcr.
Air/Raft Garage space, 5dt
Cargo: Stores, 2dt.
Ventral mounted firm-point (Fixed, forward firing weapons mount), 2ea., 0dt, 1.1Mcr.
     [Beam laser, -4EP]
     [Beam laser, -4EP]

Engine Pods (10dt, 6G, +30EP, 10Mcr.)

The engines are ganged together to provide 6G gravitic continuous thrust. Each engine pod is capable of providing adequate thrust and power to quickly return to port for repairs, if necessary.

Each Engine Pod: 5dt

Gravitic Drive, 3G thrust, 1.5dt, -15EP, 3Mcr.
Fusion-12 Power Plant, +30EP, 2dt, 2Mcr.
     Fuel (6 weeks): 1.5dt
   Total Pod: 3G, +15EP, 5dt, 5Mcr.

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement for 50dt vessel: -10EP


     Vessel Totals:
50dt Hull, SL, pRS, pHS, AF4(8), 6G thr., 6 weeks duration, DM0, Init.+2, R10f, 8EP avail.,


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