Tuesday, February 26, 2013

70dt TL15 Fast Courier

TL15 Courier, Wayfarer-class

Hull: 70dt (Hull 1/Structure 1), Personal Scale (Hull14/Structure14),
     Streamlined (Airframe), Self Sealing, (70dt, 2.570Mcr.)
Additional hull points: +3 (@10%vol) (7dt, 0.700Mcr.)
Heat Shielding (---, 7.000Mcr.)
Stealth Mod. Add-on: (---, 9.000Mcr.)
Radiation shielding (---, 17.500Mcr.)
Aerofins (in atmo. DM+2) (3.5dt, 7.000Mcr.)
Armor: (AF15) Bonded SuperDense (8.75dt, 3.825Mcr.)
Total Hull {18.75dt} 46.895Mcr.

Engines: 2ea. TL12 Type A M-drive/fusion PP combination ganged together to give Type B performance (7G thrust total / 3.5G per engine). Each engine assembly = {6dt} 12Mcr.
Total engines: {12dt} 24Mcr.

Fuel^: {4dt} for duration of 12,768 hours.

Small Craft Control cabin for two (6dt, 0.35Mcr.)
     +Radiation Hardening (1000Rads) (---, 0.0875Mcr.)
Holographic Controls (Init.+2) (---, 0.0875Mcr.)
Very Adv. Military Electronics (DM+2) (5dt, 4Mcr.)
Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4) (2dt, 8Mcr.)
Computer Model/7fib (Rating 35) (---, 45Mcr.)

     Pkg. A (typical)
Intellect/1 (R10)
Auto-Repair/2 (R20)
Fire-Control/1 (R5)

     Pkg. B (attack)
Fire-Control/5 (R25)
Auto-Evade/1 (R10)

     Pkg. C (defend)
Auto-Evade/3 (R25)
Auto-Repair/1 (R10) or
Intellect/1 (R10)

Total Cost 24.000Mcr.

Total Bridge & electronics: {13dt, 81.525Mcr.}

Air Lock x2 {2dt, 0.400Mcr.}


2ea. Fixed Forward firing Pulse Laser-10
w/Very High Yield and Long Range [x3Mods]
[dmg.2d6, DM-2] {2dt}, 1.2Mcr.}

Stateroom x1 {4dt} 0.5Mcr.

Cargo/Vehicle garage:
 14.75 dtons break-bulk or 2ea. 4dt std. cargo containers
& remainder break-bulk {14.25dt}

Totals {70dt, 154.520McrImp.}

^per page 124 of Traveller Compendium I.

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