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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Merchant Ship Ataraxis II

Side View:

Upper Level:

Other Levels:

This is a Serenity class Courier/Escort based on the famous freighter.
For specifications see below.

Ataraxis II (TL15) Laid down 322-1100, 3I (Completion date = 231-1103, 3I)

Firefly Mark 7.3H, by license at Irwin-deWitte Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufactured at Olympus Mons Vista Shipyards, Mars Terra/Sol.

This design is now available for customers wanting the latest technology in Small Navy vessels. This model is also available in other configurations for such duties as troop transport, escort, general patrol, customs enforcement, & piracy suppression.

Hull: Advanced (TL15) 500dt, (code 5), Streamlined close structure, Self-sealing, Hull-14/Structure-14, {57.8Mcr.}
Heat Shielding (Un-powered re-entry) {50Mcr.}
Radiation Shielding (Prot 6 vs Rad.) {125Mcr.}
Armor: Bonded Superdense Metal, 6 AP {25dt, 64Mcr.}
Total Hull: {25dt, 296.8Mcr.}

Jump Drive (TL15): Advanced Type K, Jump 4 {41.25dt, 200Mcr.}
     Fast Cycle Option {+20Mcr.}
Power Plant (TL15): Advanced Type K, Fusion {23.25dt, 160Mcr.}  
     with new fuel efficiency mods^
Maneuver Drive (TL15): Adv. Gravitic Type K, Thrust 4 {14.25dt, 80Mcr.}
Engine Pod x2 (TL15): Reaction Drives, Type Q performance (Thrust 6).
     Each Engine Pod: TL10 Adv. (+3, vol.x0.75) Type H Reaction Maneuver Drives* (Each drive produces thrust at 3Gs; with both engines engaged, thrust is 6Gs.) (11.25dt, 64Mcr.)

In atmosphere, the drives require no fuel. When out of atmosphere, they use 75dt reaction mass (L-Hyd fuel) per hour at 6G thrust. Fuel Purifier for each pod, 60dt fuel purified per day per pod, (3dt, 0.15Mcr.). [5dt per hour for fuel purification.]
     Totals for engine pods: Type Q reaction M-drive {28.5dt, 128.3Mcr.}
Total Engineering {107.25dt, 588.3Mcr.}

*IMTU, an engineer passing an Engineering task/skill check with effect 4+ may double the thrust of these drives at the same fuel consumption rate and engine size.

Bridge (TL12): Compact Mod. (DM-1); Holographic Controls (DM+2 Init.) {15dt, 3.375Mcr.}
Computer: Model/7fib, Rating 35 {45Mcr.}
Software: Maneuver/0, Library, Jump Control/4(R20), Fire Control/5(R25), Evade/1(R10), Auto-Repair/1(R5), Intellect(R10) {11.4Mcr.}
Electronics: Very Advanced Military, DM +2, {5dt, 4Mcr.}
Enhanced Signal Processing, DM+4, {2dt, 8Mcr.}
Total Control & Electronics: {22dt, 71.775Mcr.}

Weapons (TL15): {5dt, 36Mcr.}
1dt HP1 Triple Pulse Laser-10 Turret (Accurate DM-1, Long Range—PL range = Med.) {4Mcr.} [Damage=2d6]
1+5dt HP2 Particle Accelerator Barbette-11 (Accurate DM+1, H Yield—dmg. 2s min.) {16Mcr.} [Damage=4d6+Radiation Crew Hit]
1+5dt HP3 Particle Accelerator Barbette-11 (Accurate DM+1, H Yield—dmg. 2s min.) {16Mcr.} [Damage=4d6+Radiation Crew Hit]
1dt HP4 none
1dt HP5 none

Plantier Area Effect Shield Generator
(Level-4 |Hits 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4|) {10dt, 35Mcr.}
     Each level of gravitic thrust given up provides an increase in level of protection.
          If all gravitic thrust is diverted to shields, 0.25 hits will reach the hull through the shield, but the vessel will have zero thrust (thus the reason for inclusion of the reaction drives above).

Fuel: 156dt: 150dt for one Jump-3 or 12G-hours reaction mass. Since this vessel is set up to carry external vessels, drop tanks can easily be employed to achieve the full range of the Jump drive. 6dt for 22.8 weeks duration.^
     Reaction mass requires 12.5dt fuel per G-hour of thrust.

Cargo: 84dt Because the clamping system allows this vessel to travel with external carried cargo, this space has been converted to Full Hydroponics (full life support for 19 humans + v. small flower garden) {76+8dt, 20.0Mcr.}
     Stores (6.75dt) [35,000kg. of nutrients and spare parts, 35,000 person-months, 7Mcr.]
Total Cargo Hold: {90.75dt, 27Mcr.}

Other Options:
Sickbay, 2ea. {16dt, 5Mcr.}1 This installation is a small shipboard hospital giving a +2DM to medical tasks /1 doctor + 1 nurse =>(8+4) 12 patients/ and housing 2 patients (in-patient). Sickbay capacity in comfort = 2ea. surgery + 2ea. recovery lounge.
Staterooms, 9ea. (5 crew/4 high passage) {36dt, 4.5Mcr.}1
     plus two additional at hardpoints 2 & 3 {4dtx2, 0.5x2Mcr.}
Clamping system and fuel feeds: Up to 100-300dt of vessel or tanks {10+2dt, 5Mcr.}1
     Particle Accelerator Barbettes are installed at HP’s 2 & 3. In each location, the barbette is installed with an extra stateroom & 1dt personal space (sometimes used to smuggle small items) in place of the 10dt launch normally installed at that location on Mark 5s and earlier models {20dt}1. Air/Raft Mule and cradle have been removed.

Total Other: {84dt, 12.1Mcr.}

Totals: {500dt, 958.275Mcr.}

Crew: Captain (cabin#1), Pilot (cabin#2), Co-Pilot/Navigator (cabin#2), 2ea. Engineers (cabin#3), Ship's Doctor (cabin#4), Eleanor Eastinghouse-MacKinstry (cabin#5), Passenger Service, 2ea. (cabin#6), Sir Dr. MacDougal & Lady Chang in Cabin #7, [One High Pass. or two Middle Pass.] (cabin#8), Mentat and Security person (cabin#9), Gunner One & Two (Portside Cabin), Gunner Three & [One Middle Pass. or Working Pass.] (Starboard Cabin).

^Per "Signs & Portents, Issue #76" or the Traveller Compendium I, p.124.

300dt Armored Fuel Tank [TL14, AF14 Bonded Superdense armor, +4 Hull points (H/S=12/8), 240dt Fuel Tankage available] {300dt(240dt fuel), 30Mcr.}

Additional Note: If this vessel is configured with the two 10dt launches (as shown in the picture above), here are the stats on the vessels:

10dt Hull w/Streamlining + Self-Sealing {10dt, 1.2Mcr.}        
Type sA- gravitic M-drive, (1G thrust) (0.25dt, 0.5Mcr.)
Type sA- fusion P-plant, (R1, 0.25dt fuel per week) (0.75dt, 1.5Mcr.)
Fuel: (4 weeks duration) (1.0dt, -.--)
     Total Engineering: {2.0dt, 2.0Mcr.}
Cockpit for One, Standard Electronics (DM-4) {1.5dt, 0.05Mcr.}
Acceleration couch for one passenger {0.5dt, 0.05Mcr.}
Airlock {1.0dt, 0.2Mcr.}
Ship class stateroom, cap. for 2 pers. {4.0dt, 0.5Mcr.}
Cargo: {1.0dt, -.--}
Total for 10dt Launch w/o Radiation Shielding: {10.0dt, 4.0Mcr.~~2.8McrImp}
Price of vessel w/Rad. Sheilding: {6.5Mcr.~~4.55Mcr.}

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