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Friday, May 3, 2013

200dt TL12+ Scout, Quetzacoatl class, Mk2

[Note on the picture above: On the Lower Deck (level 2), the space designated "Ships Computer" [sic] is actually for the Improved signal processing on TL12 models or Enhanced signal processing on TL13 Models.]

200dt Streamlined Hull (TL12, H/S = 4/4, 8.800Mcr.)
Armour: AF4 Crystaliron (5%) (10dt, 1.600Mcr.)
Aerofins: (DM+2 in atmosphere, 5%, 10dt, 1.000Mcr.)
     Total Hull: {180dt avail., 11.400Mcr.}


Type B Adv.(+1, vol.x0.95) Jump Drive (J2, 14.25dt, 22.000Mcr.)
Type B perf. w/2ea. type A gravitic Manuever Drives ganged together
     Adv. (+3, vol.x0.75)x2 (2G, 3dt, 16.000Mcr.)
Type B perf. w/2ea type A fusion Power Plants ganged together
     Standard (R2, 8dt, 16.000Mcr.)
Solar Panels (0.7dt, 0.07Mcr.)
Fuel Processor (61dt per day, 3.05dt, 0.153Mcr.)
          Fuel Scoops integral to hull.
     Total Engineering: {29dt, 54.223Mcr.}

     Bridge and Control:
Bridge: standard ship class (10dt, 1.000Mcr.)
Holographic Add-on (---, +0.250Mcr.)
Computer: Model 2 (R10, ---, 0.016Mcr.)
Electronics: Survey Sensors (DM+2, 10dt, 10.000Mcr.)
Fire Control for Weapons (1dt, -.---)
Enhanced Signal Processing (TL13, DM+4, 2dt,  8.000Mcr.)

     Total Controls and Electronics: {23dt, 19.266Mcr.}

Hardpoint #1: Double Turret (Beam Laser/Beam Laser) {2.500Mcr.}
Hardpoint #2 Empty — —
Ammunition None — —

Fuel: {68dt, -.---} (One Jump-2 and 14 weeks of operation)

Cargo: {23dt, -.---}

Staterooms: 6ea. {24dt, 3.000Mcr.}

Ship’s Locker — —
Probe Drones {2dt, 1.000}
Air Raft {4dt, 0.275Mcr.}
Survey Laboratory {4dt, 1.000Mcr.}
Luxuries {3dt, 0.300Mcr.}

Maneuver/0 Rating 0 — — 
Jump Control/2 Rating 10 — 0.2 
Fire Control/1 Rating 5 — 2 
Evade/1 Rating 5 — 1 
Auto-Repair/1 Rating 10 — 5 
Library/0 — — 
     Software developed "in-house" so cost is ignored.

Ship Totals: {200dt, 92.964Mcr. ~~ 79.420McrImp.}


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