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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stockholders' Update.

Preferred Stock = 1,028,572 Shares out of 2,000,000 Shares extant. With deft manipulation of markets possible with the TQ drive in use, the company raises another 800+Millions CrImp.

Wealth carried:
The total value of Boadicea Merchant Company as caravan begins is 7,845McrImp. This value includes the capital value of all equipment, 3,800McrImp in large SmartBills cash, 404McrImp in 0.999 fine bullion 1KcrImp platinum coins, & varying eChit balance of 45 to 39McrImp for operations and bribes.

971,428 Shares public common stock. Value of all shares = 3,922.5CrImp per share.


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