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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Before the Shipyards: The Taming of Phobos

The high porosity of the interior of Phobos (based on the density of 1.88 g/cm3, voids are estimated to comprise 25 to 35 percent of Phobos' volume) is inconsistent with an asteroidal origin.

In 2095AD, Space Exploration Arm Mission, "Falcon's Perch" successfully discovers that Phobos has been systematically mined by another space-faring civilization. Ship archeologists and planetologists conclude in several lengthy reports to the International Space Agency that some bioforms were discovered... The survivors of the mission are ordered to Mars' Alpha-One headquarters.

Dateline 2096AD: The Republic of Mars loses contact with a surface garrison base on Phobos. Grand Marshall Marquis Hector de la Vasquez offers a reward of ten million Imperial Credits (9.8Billion USD c.2012)to any private mercenary group or traveller capable of penetrating the base on Phobos and reporting upon the status of the missing troops...

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