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Thursday, January 31, 2013

100dt TL7 Fuel Shuttle

Note: The following vessel is modification of the ubiquitous 95dt cargo shuttle shown above (necessary changes being made--i.e. no cargo doors and compartment is sealed for L-hyd tankage). 

100dt Shuttle, Tanker

Hull: 100dt TL7, Streamlined, H/S=1/1, (2.200Mcr.)
     Armor: none
     Heat Shielding (---, +10.000Mcr.)
     Aerofins: (5%) (5dt, 0.500Mcr.)
Total Hull: 95dt avail., {7.620McrImp}

     Maneuver Drive: TL7, Type sP, reaction motors, 4G thrust (3.5dt, 7.000Mcr.)
          Fuel:  2.5dt L-Hyd per G-hour (20dt per hour at full thrust)
          Fuel Processor: (3dt, 0.150Mcr.) (2.5dt/h) Allows craft to operate w/out consuming on-board fuel while in a gas giant atmosphere. If in a standard atmosphere, with heating from the reactor, performance is reduced to 1G (+1G from Aerofins) at the benefit of no on-board fuel consumption. When in a stable orbit where the M-drive can be shut down, this system can process the 78dt of on-board fuel. 
     Power Plant: TL7, Type sE, Fission P-Plant, R1 (4.8dt, 10.000Mcr.)
          Reactor Fuel: 584 hours duration (0.2dt, 0.200Mcr.)
Total Engineering: 11.5dt, {10.410McrImp}

Bridge: TL7
Small Craft Bridge Cockpit for three (4.5dt, 0.300McrImp)
     Electronics: standard sensors (DM-4)
     Computer: Model 1/fib, R5, 0.027McrImp
     Radiation shielding for bridge compartment (0.675McrImp)
Total Controls: 4.5dt, {0.993McrImp}

Airlock: 1dt, {0.12McrImp}

Weapons: none

Fuel: 78dt

Cargo: none

Staterooms: none

Totals {100dt, 19.143McrImp}

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