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Friday, February 1, 2013

200dt TL7 Transport

200dt Long-Range Transport

Hull: 200dt TL7, Standard, H/S=2/2, 8.000Mcr
     Armor: none
Total Hull: 200dt avail., {4.800McrImp}

     Maneuver Drive: Type B GCNTR drive (15dt, 20.000)
          [Jn2 performance = 160MKm per month]
          [Jn1 performance = 120MKm per month]
          Reaction Fuel for drive:
               L-Hyd. (1ea. Jn2 or 2ea. Jn1 trips) (40dt,  0.020)
     Power Plant: Type B Fission Reactor (R2) (14dt, 32.000)
          Fuel Bunker for reactor: 6.5year duration (26dt, 26.000)
     Small Craft, Lander dock (5dt, 4.340)
Total Engineering (not including Lander):
     100dt, 78.000Mcr (+26.192Mcr/six year cycle)
     {Value in McrImp: 46.8 + 15.720/6y period}
     Lander: {2.604McrImp.}

Bridge: TL7
Ship Class Bridge (10dt, 1.000)
     Electronics: standard sensors (DM-4)
     Computer: Model 1/fib, R5, 0.045Mcr
     Radiation shielding for bridge compartment (2.500Mcr)
Total Controls: 10dt, {2.127McrImp}

Two Staterooms (8dt, 1.000)
4ea. Low Berths (2dt, 0.200)
Cargo (3dt, -----)
Clamping system for 7ea 10dt to 30dt vessels or containers (7dt, 3.500Mcr.)
Max. Payload @Jn2 perf.: 7ea. 10dt Modules, Containers, or Vessels.
Max. Payload @Jn1 perf.: 7ea. 30dt Modules, Containers, or Vessels.
Special Mission Load-out example:
     Clamping System for 6ea. 30dt modules (6.00dt, 3.000Mcr.), 
     Clamp for 100dt vessel (10.00dt, 2.000Mcr.) [Fuel Shuttle]
     Clamp for 36dt mission module (5.00dt, 0.500Mcr.)
               Hull at 36dt (1.400Mcr., H/S = 1/1) + Radiation shielding (--dt, 9.000Mcr.),
               [Extra Bridge (10.00dt, 2.000Mcr.), 3ea. Staterooms (12.00dt, 1.500Mcr.), 
               2ea. Airlock w/docking equipment (4.00dt, 0.500Mcr.),
               1ea. Sickbay (8.00dt, 2.000Mcr.),
               Type sB Batteries (1000hours duration) (1.50dt, 14.000Mcr.), 
               Solar Array (0.15dt, 0.015Mcr.), Cargo (0.35dt, -.---)
               Total Mission Package {36.00dt, 34.515Mcr.}
          Total Load-out is 400dt in payload & carried craft. (Jn1 Perf.)
               [144dt + 120dt + 100dt + 36dt = 400dt]

Total Extras, not incl. cost of modules, et al: (90dt, 4.700) {2.820McrImp}

Ship Totals, not incl. payload {200dt, 59.151McrImp}

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