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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MS "Joan of Ark", 200dt type A3Mk2 Trade vessel

200dt Fast Trader, A3Mk2, TL12


200dt Hull, Streamlined, H/S=4/4, (200dt, 8.8Mcr.)
+Self-sealing (--.-, 2Mcr.)
+Stealth Mods. (DM-4 vs. Detects or Locks) (--.-, 20Mcr.)
Armor: AF4 Crystal-iron, (5%vol.) (10dt, 1.6Mcr.)
     Total Hull: {190dt avail., 32.4Mcr.}

Jump Drive: Type B (J-2), (15dt, 20Mcr.)
+Stealth Mod. (DM-2 to -4) (--.-, 10Mcr.)
Maneuver Drive: Type D gravitic (4G thrust) (7dt, 16Mcr.)
Power Plant: Type D fusion (R4) (13dt, 32Mcr.)
Fuel Purification: 20dt per day (1dt, 0.05Mcr.)
     Total Engineering: {36dt, 78.05Mcr.}

     Bridge & Controls:
Ship Class Bridge (10dt, 1Mcr.)
     +Holographic add-on (Init.+2)  (--.-, 0.25Mcr.)
Electronics: Basic Civilian (DM-2) (1dt, 0.05Mcr.)
Computer: Model/2fib (R10) (--.-, 0.24Mcr.)
     Total Bridge & Controls: {11dt, 1.54Mcr.}

Hardpoint #1: Triple turret: (1dt, 5Mcr.)
     1ea. Particle Accelerator, PA-11
     [adv.+3, Accurate (DM+1), High Yield (dmg.6-18+Rad.)]
Hardpoint #2: Triple turret: (1dt, 3Mcr.)
     1ea. Pulse Laser, PL-10
     [adv.+3, Accurate (DM-1 instead of -2), High Yield (dmg.4-12)]
     2ea. Missile Racks, MR-9
     [adv.+3, Resilient (1st hit ignored), Easy to repair (DM+1 to repair)]
          [2ea. Smart Missiles loaded]
Total Weapons: {2dt, 8Mcr.}

Fuel: One Jump-2 + 2 weeks duration {48dt, -.--}

Cargo: {46dt, -.--}

Staterooms: 10ea. {40dt, 5Mcr.}
     Crew (4SR): Captain/Pilot, CoPilot/Nav/Sensors, Medic/Steward/Service, 2 Engineers, 2 Gunners.
     Passengers (6SR): 6 High to 12 Mid.
Low Berths: 6ea. {3dt, 0.3Mcr.}

Air/Raft Hanger converted to storage for:
     2 sets of probe drones (2dt, 1Mcr.),
     missile storage for 24 missiles (18 smart, 6 nuclear) (2dt, 0.068Mcr.)
 {4dt, 1.068Mcr.}

Total Ship Values: {200dt, 126.358Mcr.~~107.4043McrImp.}

Harcourt Fenton Mudd, Captain (Pilot)

Arhgox Izstevith, 1st Mate (Astrogator)

Chiandrox Bruekhthues, 3rd Mate (Medic/Steward)

Dendrox Mehfibbosheth, Chief Engineer, 2nd Mate

Anastasia Walker, 2nd Engineer, 3rd Mate

Georgina Harrison, 1st Gunner, Ship Security, {00-agent}, 4th Mate

Sabina Yaroslavl, 2nd Gunner, Ship Security, Crewman

Mudd's other women involving a scam to sell wives to miners on out-of-the-way colonies:


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