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Monday, June 3, 2013

MS "Oregon Trail" Colonial Transport, 200dt, TL11+

200dt Colonial Transport, TL11

This vessel was purchased surplus (50%) by Clive Masterson Sr. His first transport contract (while the bank negotiations were still not complete, ie "under the table") was a group of colonists from Earth to the Reavers' Deep. The low berths were sold to this wealthy group of colonists to augment the new colony's medical equipment. Clive used this money for some "upgrades". As the years have gone by, other mods have been made. Here is the accumulated value of this 60 year old (but mint) starship. Clive's grandson, Clive III, will some day be inheriting the vessel and he is thinking of converting the new main cargo deck into a passenger area and restaurant when "he's in charge".

200dt Streamlined Hull (H/S=4/4) {200dt, 8.8Mcr.}
+Self-sealing {--.-, 2Mcr.}
Armor: AF1 Crystal-iron, (1.25%) {2.5dt, 0.4Mcr.}

Jump Drive: TL12 Type B, J-2, (15dt, 20Mcr.)
Manuever Drive: TL9 Type B gravitic, 2g thrust, (3dt, 8Mcr.)
Power Plant: TL12 Type B fusion, R2, (7dt, 16Mcr.)
Fuel Purification Plant (30dt per day) (1.5dt, 0.075Mcr.)
     Total Engineering: {26.5dt, 44.075Mcr.}

     Bridge & Controls:
Compact Ship Class (DM-1) (7.5dt, 1Mcr.)
Electronics: Advanced (DM+1) (3dt, 2Mcr.)
Computer: Model 3fib, R15, (--.-, 3Mcr.)
          Software: Evade/2 (R15, 2Mcr.), Fire Control/3 (R15, 6Mcr.), Auto Repair/1 (R10, 5Mcr.), Intellect (R10, 1Mcr.), Jump Control/1,2 (R5/10, 0.3Mcr.), Library (R0), Maneuver/0 (R0). 
          Total software is 14.3Mcr.
Space: (0.5dt, -.--)
     Total Bridge & control: {(DM+0) 11dt, 6Mcr.} 

One Hard Point: Triple Turret
     [Pulse Laser x3, Adv.: Accurate, Long Range, DM-1, Med. Range, 2d6 Dmg.]
          {1dt, 2.5Mcr.}

Fuel: {48dt, -.--} 

Cargo: {18dt, -.--} 

Staterooms, 4ea. {16dt, 2.0Mcr.}

In the space of the Low Berth Section:
     Forward Section: Full Hydroponics, 8 human cap. (32dt, 8Mcr.)
               Garden Area--partial hydroponics x3 (6dt, 0.75Mcr.)
               Supply and tool storage (7,000 person-months) (2dt, 0.25Mcr.) 
     Aft Section: Cargo, general hatch added to ship's side (35dt, -.--)
          {75dt, 9Mcr.}

Escape Pods, 4ea. {2dt, 0.4Mcr.}
     Combined into one unit.

Fuel Scoops integral  (TMB, p.106)

Totals for Ship: {200dt, 75.175Mcr.~~63.9McrImp.}

Captain Clive Masterson Jr. (Pilot/Broker)
     8C69A9 Merchant, 10 terms; Age: 58
     Skills: Pilot-2, Leader-2, Admin-2, Broker-3, Sensors-1, Comms-1, Vacc Suit-0, Gun Cbt (Snub SMG)-2, Persuasion-1, Diplomat-1, Streetwise-2, Gunnery-2, Zero-G-1, Computer-0.
1st Mate Shirley Masterson (co-Pilot/Astrogator/Sensors)
     6B6AB9 Merchant, 8 terms; Age: 50
     Skills: Pilot-1, Leader-1, Astrogation-3, Admin-2, Broker-1, Savoir-faire-2, Language-2, Artisan-2, Vacc Suit-0, Zero-G-0, Computer-2.
Crewman Clive Masterson III (Gunner/Service-Trade/Cargo Handling)
     7C5C96 Merchant, 0 terms (4.5 terms growing up on ship); Age: 18
     Skills: Gunner-2, Vacc Suit-1, Computer-1, Comms-0, Sensors-0, Hydroponics-1, Cargo Handling-1, Gun Cbt. (Snub Auto-Pistol)-1.
Chief Engineer Burt Helsingfors (Engineer/Life Support)
     898AA8 Ex-Navy, 3 terms; Merchant, 3 terms; Age: 42
     Skills: Engineer-4 (J-drives-1, P-plant-1, M-drive-1, Electronics-1), Mechanic-1, Hydroponics-1, Vacc Suit-1, Medic-0, Zero-G-1.
Ship's Doctor Amanda Helsingfors (Medic/Steward/Service-Trade)
     797AC8 University, 1 term (Biology degree); Graduate School, 1 term (Medical School); Merchant, 3 terms; Age: 38
     Skills: Medic-3, Genetics-1, Xenology-1, Admin-1, Steward-1, Vacc Suit-0, Hydroponics-2.
Crewman George Helsingfors (Service-Trade/Cargo Handling/Maint.)
     595885 Merchant, 0 terms (3 terms growing up on ship); Age: 12
     Skills: Vacc Suit-0, Zero-G-0, Comms-0, Sensors-0, Mechanic-1, Cargo Handling-0, Hydroponics-0.
Crewman Ronald Helsingfors (Service-Trade/Cargo Handling/Maint.)
     585A85 Merchant, 0 terms (2.5 terms growing up on ship); Age: 10
     Skills: Vacc Suit-0, Zero-G-0, Comms-0, Sensors-0, Electronics-1, Cargo Handling-0, Hydroponics-0.


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