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Monday, July 11, 2016

Boris Mbtsu

Boris Evenkye Mbtsu

Boris was born and raised in the Bowman Belt Cooperative tribe of asteroid belt miners.
(Equivalent to one term as Belter, Miner) Boris enlists in the Imperial Navy to get money for college to do formal study of Astro-Geo Physics. (Since his family is from the working class and he got a bit lazy studying for his exams, he didn't qualify for a scholarship.) Boris learns to work hard in the Imperial Navy, and because of his experience growing up, he is a natural starship mechanic. The Navy loves him in the form of a promotion. Boris gains a contact (Navy Master Chief "takes him under his wing"). Boris wants to go to college, but he finds he loves the Navy life; he re-enlists in the Engineering dept. within the Mechanic Rating. He is given a new assignment (gains Comms-1). He gets promoted again, but for some reason he is discharged from the Imperial Navy (fails re-enlistment roll). He leaves the service with 13,000cr and Scientific Instruments.

Boris returns home to find that his tribe has prospered; he is sponsored to the University of Rhylanor where he graduates with full Honors. He receives a Masters of Science in Geology (Planetology-1). He returns to Bowman Belt wanting to go prospecting with his tribe, but he does not have enough stake to buy into an equity share or get his own equipment and go independent. He enlists in the scout service (hoping to perhaps get stationed at the local scout base).

In his first term in the Scouts, Boris is assigned to the Stellar Analysis arm of Survey division. He is given a special assignment (Specialist-Astrogation-1). Promotion. He re-enlists in the Scouts and gets advanced training (JoaT-1). Eager to get back into asteroid mining, Boris musters out of the Scouts. He gains a Scout S starship and 40,000cr.

Boris is now a Prospecting Belter.

UPDATE: Boris is currently involved with Belgard Robotics, Inc.

Name: Boris Mbtsu
Race: Human, male, Solomani
Appearance: Height: 6'1", Weight: 225lbs, Black Hair, Brown eyes, Brown Skin.
Age: 30 (66).

Rank: 2


Personal Philosophy/Religion: Coptic Christian

Navy (Engineering-Mechanic)-2 terms,
University-1 term,
Scouts (Survey-Stellar Analysis)-2 terms,
Belter-6 terms,

Credit Balance: 12,965CrImp + 5KcrImp/month

23McrImp of Belgard Robotics, Inc.

Vacc Suit-1
Gun Cbt-1
Jack of all Trades-2
Survival (Vacuum Atmosphere)-1

Scout Ship (Leased out, currently)
Scientific Equipment.
Prospecting Equipment.


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