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Saturday, June 11, 2016

500dt Planetoid Ship "Babylon Judgment" owned by Prof. MacDougal

These deck plans of the 500dt planetoid ship first appeared in "Mongoose Traveller's Alien Races 5: The Solomani"(pp.100-101). Now using the newest Mongoose Traveller ship design rules (2ed.?).

This ship has been modified as shown below, the deck plans will be roughly similar.


Here are the corrected values:

500dt, TL14 Planetoid hull, AF2, (400dt avail., 2.00Mcr.)
Stealth (DM-4), --.-, 50Mcr.
     Total Hull: {400dt avail., 2.00Mcr.}

Total Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement = 100EP.

     Engineering (TL28?):
Time Drive:
     TL28 (Adv.+3, -30% size, +50%cost), R10, (32%Hdt)~112.7dt, 846McrImp.
     Uses 1250EP and 125dt L-Hyd. fuel for one R10 time jump.
Maneuver Drive:
     TL10, gravitic, 3G thrust, 15dt, 150EP, 30McrA~21McrImp.
Power Plant:
     TL23 (Adv.+3, -20% size, +10% power, +50% cost), Antimatter-20,
     1650EP output, 12dt, 180McrImp.
     Uses 0.3dt A-M/week duration.
Fuel Purification (L-Hyd for Time Drive):
     TL10, Fuel Processors, 50dt fuel per day, 2.5dt, 2.5EP, 0.125McrA~0.094McrImp.
     Total Engineering: {T-R10, 3G, 142.2dt, 247.5EP avail., 1047.094McrImp.}

Fuel (127.8dt):
     Anti-Matter Fuel Bunker: 9.34 weeks duration, 2.8dt, {xxxMcr.}
     L-Hyd. fuel tanks: 125dt (enough for one R10 time jump)

     Bridge & Controls: 
Standard Bridge (DM-4, 201dt-1000dt hull), 20dt, 2.5McrE~2.375McrImp
     +Holographic Add-on (Init+2), 0.625McrE~0.594McrImp.
Improved Sensors (DM+1), 3dt, 4EP, 4.3McrB~3.44McrImp.
Countermeasures suite (DM+4), 2dt, 1EP, 4McrD~3.6McrImp.
Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4), 2dt, 2EP, 8McrD~7.2McrImp.
Primary: TL14, Model R30fib, 30McrE~28.5McrImp.
Secondary: TL12, Model R20fib, 2ea., 15McrC~12.75McrImp.
     Total Bridge & Controls: {Init.+2, DM+9, 27dt, 7EP, 58.459McrImp.}

Hardpoint #1: Triple Pop-up Turret (2dt, 1EP, 4.25McrA~3.36McrE)
          [Missile Rack x3]
Hardpoint #2: Triple Pop-up Turret (2dt, 25EP, 17McrE)
          [3ea. Particle Beam Turret weapon, PA-14, Intense Focus (AP+2), Dmg.=3D+6]
Hardpoint #3: Triple Pop-up Turret (2dt, 25EP, 17McrE)
          [3ea. Particle Beam Turret weapon, PA-14, Intense Focus (AP+2), Dmg.=3D+6]
Hardpoint #4: Triple Pop-up Turret (2dt, 25EP, 17McrE)
          [3ea. Particle Beam Turret weapon, PA-14, Intense Focus (AP+2), Dmg.=3D+6]
Hardpoint #5: Triple Pop-up Turret (2dt, 9EP, 4.25McrA~3.36McrE)
          [Beam Laser x2 (V. High Yield, Easy to Repair)]
          [Sandcaster x1]
          12 Advanced Missiles (1dt, 0.333McrImp.)
          20 Sandcaster barrels (1dt, 0.024McrImp.)
Total Weapons (not including ammunition cost): 
     {12dt, 85EP, 57.72McrE~54.834McrImp.}

R10/500; R9/555; R8/619; R7/700; R6/805; R5/947; R4/1150; etc.

Cargo: This area has been modified from the plans above to instead provide a docking ring for 1ea. 20dt module (usually a cargo module with another module for fuel already mounted on the skiff). The skiff has 2ea. acceleration benches added to allow some passenger transport.

Staterooms, 7ea. {28dt, 3.5McrC~2.975McrImp.} 
       XO-Pilot2/Chief Engineer1, 
       Astrogator-Sensors-Pilot3/Assistant Engineer2, 
       Ship Security1-Gunner1/Ship Security2-Gunner2
       Ship Security3-Gunner3/Ship Security4-Gunner4
       Boat Pilot-Gunner5/Medic-Steward-Purser-Admin}

Crew Roster as follows:
     CO [Professor MacDougal/ChronoAwareness-3/Math, etc.-3]
     XO [Lady Chang/Psionic Defense-3/ProbabilityAwareness-2/Broker-4]
     Chief Engineer [Dr. Cassandra E. D.-Cochrane/Time Drive-3]
     Astrogator-et al. [Mentat Senlisa/Astrog.-3/Math-Physics-3, etc.-2]
     Engineer2 [Kaylee Jones/Life Support/Mechanic/Hydroponics]
     Engineer3 [Jaylah/Power Plant/Engineering Security/Damage Control]
     Engineer4 [Gort THX1331_001]
     Boat Pilot/Gunner1 [Major Jane/Surface Engagements Commander]
     Medic [Dr. Elizabeth Shaw/Medic-3/XenoBiology-4/etc.-3]
     Gunner2 [RalphR2D9a1_001/Gunnery, et al.-3]
     Gunner3 [RalphR2D9a1_002/Gunnery, et al.-3]
     Gunner4 [RalphR2D9a1_003/Gunnery, et al.-3]
     Gunner5 [RalphR2D9a1_004/Gunnery, et al.-3]

Emergency Low Berths for 16 sophonts, 4dt, 4EP, 4McrC~3.4McrImp.

Biosphere for 12 sophonts, 6dt, 6EP, 1.2McrC~1.02McrImp.

Docking Space for Ship's Boat, 33dt, 8.25McrA
     30dt modular skiff with option B (4G perf.), 7.335McrImp.+stealth@2.475McrImp.

Ship Totals: {500dt, 1169.782McrImp.}


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