Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

TL12+ light Frigate (1000dt)

1000dt, TL12+, Independence-class Colonial Cruiser

     1000dt (H/S=20/20), Streamlined, w/Self-sealing [120Mcr.]
          AF8 Crystal-iron armor (10%vol., 100dt) [40Mcr.]
Total Hull: H/S=20/20, AF8, 900dt avail., {160McrC}

     Type P Jump Drive (TL13, J-4) 75dt, [140McrD--148.2353McrC]
     Type P Gravitic M-drive (TL9, 4G accel.) 27dt, [56Mcr9--46.118McrC]
     Type P Fusion Power Plant (TL12, R4) 43dt, [112McrC]
Total Engines: 4,4,4 {145dt, 306.353McrC}

Bridge & Controls:
     Standard ship class bridge w/ holographic add-on & radiation hardening
          (TL12, Init.+2, EMP resistant) 20dt, [7.5Mcr.]
     Computer: Model 5 (TL13, R25) --dt, [10.589McrC]
          +backup computer: Model 4 (TL12, R20) --dt, [5Mcr.]
     Survey Sensors: (DM+1) 10dt, [10Mcr.]
Total Bridge & Controls: (Init.+2, DM+1, R25/20) {30dt, 33.089McrC}

     8ea. Fixed Foward Firing Triple Turrets w/3ea. Beam Lasers (BL-12)
          Accurate, High Yield (DM+1, Dmg. 2-6) 8dt, [28Mcr.]
     2ea. Standard Triple Turrets w/1ea. Particle Accelerator (PA-11)
          Accurate, High Yield (DM+1, Dmg. 6-18+Rad.) 2dt, [10Mcr.]
Total Weapons: {10dt, 38McrC}

Accommodations: 30ea. Staterooms {120dt, 15McrC}
Armory, 1ea. {2dt, 0.5McrC}
Carried Craft: 2ea. 50dt Cutters {100dt, -varies-}
Cargo: {27dt, ----}
Fuel: 1ea. Jump-4, & 4 weeks duration {456dt, ----}
     Fuel Processor: 200dt/day {10dt, 0.5McrC}

Ship Totals: {1000dt, 553.442McrC--470.426McrImp. not including Cutters}


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