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Monday, August 31, 2015

C.O., Baron George Mingdoa Jetson III of Mars (Terra/Sol), 40.7% Share BMC, Inc.; "M.S. Laburnum Varabile"

Baron George Rules



Name: George Mingdoa Jetson III, majority shareholder & Captain of M.S. Laburnum Varabile.

Notes: Baron Jetson grew up in a wealthy merchant family in the Core and was originally an Alliance supporter in the Unification War. Several of his friends from school and merchant academy died at the hands of Alliance gunboats while trying to conduct legitimate business with Independent worlds. Soured on the heavy-handedness of the all-pervasive Alliance Fascist Oligarchy, George vowed he would get out into the black to find business opportunity among the settlers, and live where he could keep as far from the Government as was humanly possible.

After the secret of Miranda was broadcast by Malcolm Reynolds, there began a short period of blood in the courts as the power structures of the Alliance shifted. George's father was one of those purged by agents of the Blue Sun Corporation. So, when the Baron inherited his father's estate, he liquidated the family's holdings, sold his condominium on Sihnon, and formed a corporation with his sister and an engineer friend-of-the-family (with another handful of select investors) for the purpose of seeking his fortune sailing the black. The funds raised for this business venture were used to commission a new Serenity-class freighter, hire crew & supplies, and a cargo load of valuables, and head for the rim to purchase commodities and get a feel for the markets and other opportunities.

On her maiden voyage, the M.S. Ataraxis precipitated through a wormhole opened in the Oort cloud by a galactic gravity quake. The Baron, first time captain of his own ship found himself in the Sargasso of Space and was in turn rescued by the valiant actions of the M.S. Boadicea and HMS Bayern.

After the M.S. Ataraxis precipitated back into normal space with the other survivors near Prometheus, the Baron was required to register his ship with the Imperial Naval Attache and have a compliant transponder connected. The jump drives, gravity/HePlaR maneuver drive system, and fusion power plant, as well as the other systems of the ship appeared to be unaffected by the transfer into the otu Universe, and with the hard work of Chief MacKinstry, the ship was released from impound and eligible to fly in Imperium Space.

While this year-long process wound it's way through it's bureaucratic path, George's sister Anya signed on to sail on the M.S. Boadicea, and became good friends with Egron G'vargh.

The Baron was required to re-register his corporation and give the Emperor a 1% Stake. George despised himself for going along with the Imperial system. but he could see that in the polities of humanity, with the communications lag, business friendly tax systems, and vast distances that many loopholes would exist which would allow many great business opportunities not available in the 'Verse with the Alliance still breathing down his neck. And the only way to get doors opened in Imperial space was to be part of the peerage, so... he had to go along with the social structure of the Imperium to do business until he could find a way back to the 'Verse. He may yet not even care to leave, since he has managed to amass huge capital reserves in a short time.

The Baron is a great schmoozer and is a very aggressive businessman. He has, however stepped on a few toes by making deals in Yakuza and Tong territories without making any cut to the bosses. The Baron is used to watching his back and has a great crew to help him out, and he has learned to be a bit more circumspect in his future dealings. But George Jetson is always on the lookout for a way to make serious coin; the crew is extremely loyal to the Baron since he has brought the company stock up to almost three times the IPO value.

The M.S. Ataraxis was eventually sold, then replaced by the M.S. Ataraxis II.

The M.S. Ataraxis II was joined by the M.S. Eightfold Way when George married Lady Farin and combined assets. When Earth fell to the Imperium, George fled with the two ships and with all family and crew. Lady Farin liquidated her holdings on Mars, and because of George's expensively purchased Imperial citizenship they were able to flee from both the Imperium and the Solomani. Professor MacDougal chose to accompany the evacuation (with his handy machine:).

Most of Lady Farin's assets were tied up in her company's shipyard in the moon, Phobos, above Mars.
As Lady Farin, Schuyler North, and Allison Kozhinsky had just completed shutdown of the company yards, and were just leaving the mothballed support shipyard on Phobos, Imperial Marines destroyed the Solomani base on Deimos (and the moon itself). Lady Farin and crew escaped in a fast stealth courier, and as Imperial agents caught wind of her escape and tried to intercept her meeting with George, were thwarted again and again by the foresight of George Jetson. Together they safely disappeared into less war-like regions of Imperial space until any pursuing agents were firmly no longer alive or pursuing. When crossing to Aslani space and the J-5 route across the rift, George made an alliance with a certain Alsani clan for the right to cross and trade along the J-5 route. Just as the caravan was beginning the crossing, a inter-clan war broke out requiring the services of George's ships. In the fighting of the last battle, George's ship's were destroyed, but no hands were lost. The Aslani clan awarded George with enough funds to build a new ship for his business. The new ship is the "M.S. Laburnum Varabile" .

Appearance: Human, male; Ht.5'10", brown hair, brown eyes, Age: 44 (74)

Mongoose Traveller Stats.:

Baron George Mingdoa Jetson III
Rank 5 (Captain M.S. Ataraxis)
7C7DDC Age: 44 (74)
Merchant, 12 terms; Noble, 2 Terms
407,000 Shares of BMC, Inc.

Vacc. Suit-0
Blade Cbt. (Rapier)-3
Gun Cbt. (Zero-G Wea.)-2

Salary: Cr.6000/month
Expenses (min.): Cr.5000/month (when not living aboard ship)
Current Personal Wealth: 85 CrImp.; Personal loan for 140,000Cr.Imp.


Tailored Vacc. Suit (TL14), Prot. 8, {13,000cr.}, 4kg.

Protec: Tailored Cloth Armor Jump Suit (TL9), Prot. 4, {1000cr.}


Rapier (TL3), Dmg. 1d6+4, Heft -2, Mass 0.5kg, {100cr.}

Snub Revolver (TL8), Range=Shotgun, Skill=Gun Cbt. (Zero-G Weapons), Dmg. 2d6–2 (Ball)/3d6–2 AP (HEAP)/2d6+2 ST (HE), Mag. 6, Auto=No, Recoil -1, Mass 0.5kg, {150/10cr.}

Snub SMG (TL8) Range=Shotgun, Skill=Gun Cbt. (Zero-G Weapons), Dmg. 2d6–2 (Ball)/3d6–2 AP HEAP)/2d6+2 ST (HE), Mag. 30, Auto 2, Recoil –2, Mass 2kg, {350/30cr.}

GURPS Stats.:

ST 10
DX 14 [80]
IQ 15 [100]
HT 10

HP 15 [10]
Will 15
Per 15
FP 10

Basic Lift 20
Damage 1d-2/1d

Basic Speed 6.25 [5]
Basic Move 6

Ground Move 6
Water Move 1

Social Background
TL: 10 [0]
Cultural Familiarities:
Languages: Chinese (Native) [6]; English (Accented) [4]; Vilani (Native) [0].
Religion: Buddhist.

Advantages [137]
Business Acumen (2) [20]
Longevity [2]
Merchant Rank (3) [15]
Status (Imperial) (3) [15] w/adjustments=Status-6 (Baron)
Wealth (Multimillionaire 1) [75]

Disadvantages [-80]
Code of Honor (Gentleman's) [-10]
Enemy (Yakuza organization) (medium-sized group, some formidable or super-human) (9 or less) [-30]
Greed (12 or less) [-15]
Gregarious [-10]
Obsession (To make that next killer deal.) (Long-Term Goal) (12 or less) [-10]
Sense of Duty (To Ship and Crew) (Small Group) [-5]

Skills [68]
Administration IQ/A - IQ+1 16 [1]
includes: +2 from 'Business Acumen'
Archaeology IQ/H - IQ+0 15 [4]
Cartography/TL10 IQ/A - IQ+0 15 [2]
Computer Operation/TL10 IQ/E - IQ+0 15 [1]
Diagnosis/TL10 (Human) IQ/H - IQ-2 13 [1]
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Communications) IQ/A - IQ-1 14 [1]
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Medical) IQ/A - IQ-1 14 [1]
Electronics Operation/TL10 (Sensors) IQ/A - IQ-1 14 [1]
Engineer/TL10 (Fusion Reactor) IQ/H - IQ-2 13 [1]
Engineer/TL10 (Ship Building--Starship) IQ/H - IQ-2 13 [1]
Feint (Rapier) Tech/H - def+0 16 [0]
Fencing P/A - ?+? 0 [0]
First Aid/TL10 (Human) IQ/E - IQ+0 15 [1]
Free Fall DX/A - DX-1 13 [1]
Freight Handling/TL10 IQ/A - IQ-1 14 [1]
Geology/TL10 (Earthlike) IQ/H - IQ-1 14 [2]
Gunner/TL10 (Beams) DX/E - DX+1 15 [2]
Guns/TL10 (Gyroc) DX/E - DX+1 15 [2]
Guns/TL10 (Shotgun) DX/E - DX+1 15 [2]
History (Ancients) IQ/H - IQ+0 15 [4]
Law (Trade Law--Imperial) IQ/H - IQ+0 15 [4]
Leadership IQ/A - IQ+0 15 [2]
Market Analysis IQ/H - IQ+2 17 [4]
includes: +2 from 'Business Acumen'
Mathematics/TL10 (Applied) IQ/H - IQ-2 13 [1]
Merchant IQ/A - IQ+2 17 [2]
includes: +2 from 'Business Acumen'
Navigation/TL10 (Hyperspace) IQ/A - IQ-1 14 [1]
Navigation/TL10 (Jumpspace) IQ/A - IQ-1 14 [1]
Navigation/TL10 (Space) IQ/A - IQ-1 14 [1]
Piloting/TL10 (Contragravity) DX/A - DX+0 14 [2]
Piloting/TL10 (High-Performance Spacecraft) DX/A - DX+0 14 [2]
Rapier DX/A - DX+2 16 [8]
Retain Weapon (Rapier) Tech/H - def+0 16 [0]
Riding (Equine) P/A - ?+? 0 [0]
Savoir-Faire (High Society) IQ/E - IQ+1 16 [2]
Savoir-Faire (Merchants) IQ/E - IQ+1 16 [2]
Shiphandling/TL10 (Starship) IQ/H - IQ-2 13 [1]
Shortsword DX/A - DX-1 13 [1]
Spacer/TL10 IQ/E - IQ+0 15 [1]
Tactics IQ/H - IQ-1 14 [2]
Teaching IQ/A - IQ+0 15 [2]

Stats [195] Ads [137] Disads [-80] Quirks [0] Skills [68] = Total [320]

Hand Weapons
When armed, George usually carries/wears a Rapier or a Snub Pistol (Gyroc 10mm revolver) from the ship's locker.

Ranged Weapons
See above.
Armor & Possessions
See above.

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