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Monday, January 29, 2018

50dt, TL:12, Cutter, modular, 4G thrust, AF6, DM0, Comp.10fib, 1ea. 30dt module, 13.9McrImp.

This is the standard modular cutter sold by Ling Standard Enterprises, and also licensed to Jetson Shipyards, Ltd., :

TL12, 50dt Modular Cutter

Hull TL12 (50dTons, 2.5Mcr.)
-Hull/Structure 1/1
-Streamlined (+0.25Mcr.)
-Modular Portion of Hull (60%) (+1.65Mcr.)
-Armour: Crystal-Iron AF6 (7.5%Vol.--non-modular portion, 1.5dt, +0.33Mcr.)
Total Hull {48.5dt avail., AF6, HP20, 4.73Mcr.}

Bridge: Standard (DM-4), 3dt, 0.5Mcr.
     +Holographic Controls, Init.+2, +0.125Mcr.
Military Grade Electronics (DM+0) {2EP, 2dt, 4.1Mcr.}
Model 2/fib Computer, R10 :: Man./0, Library {0.24Mcr.}
Subtotal of Bridge and Sensors: 5dt, 4.965Mcr.
Total Controls: {DM0, R10, 2EP, 5dt, 4.965Mcr.}

Engineering Section
Basic Ship's Systems=10EP
     TL12, Adv.+1 (energy eff.),  4G thrust gravitic, 20EP*0.75=15EP, 2dt, 4Mcr.
Power Plant:
     TL12, Fusion=30EP, 2dt, 2Mcr.
Fuel:  2dt, 8 weeks duration
Emergency Solar Power Array, 0.5dt, 0.05Mcr.
Airlock, 2ea., 2dt, 0.4Mcr.
     One at control area and one at engineering area.
Cabin Space, 2ea. 2 passengers (3dt, 0.15Mcr.) [750cr./mo.]
Fuel Purification Plant, 20dt/day, 1dt, 0.05Mcr.
Cargo: 1dt
Total Engineering {13.5dt, 5EP avail., 6.65Mcr.}

Accommodations: None

Weapons None

Cargo: None

Energy Points Available=3EP

30 ton module (30dt, ****Mcr.)

Totals not including Module cost:

{50.0dt, 16.345McrC~13.89325McrImp}


TL9 Standard Module
30dt streamlined chassis (30dt, TL9, 1.5Mcr.)
     +Streamlining, +0.15Mcr.     
Armor: AF3 Titanium (7.5%), 2.25dt, 0.124Mcr.
Total Hull: HP=12, 27.75dt avail., 1.774Mcr9 {1.242McrImp}

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement for module (20%): 6EP

Top Deck (shown above)=17.5dt
Typical Load-out (as illustrated in the various cutter deck plans)
     12ea. acceleration couches (6dt, 0.6Mcr9) {0.42McrImp}
     Cargo area (11.5dt, -.-Mcr.)
Bottom deck (not shown)=10.25dt

Typical Load-out (as illustrated in the various cutter deck plans)
     Engineering Package A (Not shown, TL9):
          Retractable solar power array, 0.5dt, 0.05Mcr.
          Battery, high efficiency, 45EP storage (dur.=7.5 hours), 0.75dt, 0.15McrC~0.183Mcr9
     Airlock: (1dt, 0.2Mcr9)
     Total Engineering Package (TL9, 2.25dt, 0.433Mcr9) {0.303McrImp}
     Second cargo area for luggage & stores or configurable space: 8dt

Total Module: 30dt, HP=12, AF3, 0G thr., 6EP req., 

Cost: 1.242McrImp. [with load-out above: 1.965McrImp.]


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