Note: For the examples of spacecraft design posted on this blog, I mostly use 2ed. Mongoose Traveller rules, but some examples using 1ed. rules will persist until they can be upgraded.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

40/45dt Strike Boat, Mk1, TL13

Strike Boat, TL13
40dt Streamlined, 40dt, 2.2Mcr.
AF12 Crystal-Iron armor, (15%), 6dt, 1.32Mcr.
Total Hull: {6dt, 3.52Mcr.~3.168McrImp}

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement=9EP (8EP)
Maneuver Drive:
     Gravitic, 9G thrust/45dt hull (10G/40dt hull), 40.5EP (40EP), 4.05dt, 9.1Mcr.
     Reaction Drive, +5G booster engine (10%vol.), 4dt, 0.4Mcr.
     Reaction Mass (water) Fuel Tanks (25G-hours), 4dt, --Mcr.
Power Plant:
     Fusion (TL12), 60EP, 4dt, 4Mcr.
Fuel: 1dt (4weeks)
Fuel Purification Plant: 19dt/day, 0.95dt, 0.048Mcr.
Total Engineering:
{9G/14G thrust (10G/15G after torps released), 10.5EP avail., 18dt, 13.548Mcr.~12.1932McrImp}

Bridge: Cockpit for 1, 1.5dt,  0.5Mcr.
Radiation Hardened add-on +0.125Mcr.
Holographic add-on (+2Init) +0.125Mcr.
Computer Model 4/fib Rating 20 7.5Mcr.
     Improved Sensors (DM+1), 4EP, 3dt, 4.3Mcr.
     Enhanced Signal Processing (DM+4), 2EP, 2dt 8Mcr.
Total Control & Electronics: {DM+5, 6EP, 6.5dt, 20.55Mcr.~18.495McrImp}

Weapons: Fixed mounted Pulse laser-10 (accurate, high yield), 4EP, 1dt 0.971Mcr
Clamps for 2 Torpedoes: (1-30dt), 2dt, 1Mcr., Torpedoes, 5dt, xMcr.
     Torpedo A: Advanced, 7D dmg., 15G speed, etc,, 0.275Mcr.
     Torpedo B: Advanced, 7D dmg., 15G speed, etc,, 0.275Mcr.
Torpedoes are mounted on wing tips as picture above shows.
Total Weapons: {4EP, 8dt (3dt after torps released), 1.971Mcr.+0.55Mcr.//2McrImp}

Low Berth: {0.5dt 0.05Mcr.~0.045McrImp}
Cargo: {1dt (in several locations)}

Maneuver/0 Library/0
Intellect (Rating 10, 1Mcr)
Evade/1 (Rating 10, 1Mcr)
Fire Control/4 (Rating 20, 8Mcr) 8
Total Software: 10Mcr

Total Tonnage & Cost 40.0dt/45dt 35.902McrImp

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