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Thursday, March 2, 2017

40dt TL8 Spaceplane Orbiter/Shuttle

This durably built space-plane was made by a consortium led by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Honda Corp., & Boeing Aerospace at the Everett WA (USA-NA, Terra--Sol3) plant. These spacecraft can be encountered anywhere, even higher technology planets (the low cost determining). Capable of take-off at any airport on Earth and traveling to the moon and return, these extremely well made craft are a cheap and reliable form of transport. To save reaction mass, and for the thrill, pilots love being able to dead stick land the craft on standard and denser atmosphere planets.

This craft is also available without the heat shielding bringing down the cost of basic vessel (Option C) to an astoundingly low 3.475McrImp.; of course, in a bid to avoid liability for foolish operators, and to prevent cheap competitor makes of this design, the consortium has convinced the Imperial Starport Authority and the Traveller's Aid Society to not allow registration of the vessel if it does NOT have heat shielding.


TL8, 40dt Titanium/Carbon Fiber, Streamlined hull, HP=16, 2.2Mcr.
Armor: none
     +Radiation Shielding, 1Krads prot., 1Mcr.
     +Heat Shielding, 4Mcr.
Aerofins (5%vol.), 2dt, 0.2Mcr.
Total Hull and structure: AF0, SL, RS, HS, HP=16, 38dt avail., 7.4Mcr8~4.81McrImp.

Basic Ship Systems Power Requirement = 8EP

Bifurcated, 4G thrust Reaction Drive (2G thr.*2, 4*2%vol., 1.6dt*2--3.2dt, 0.64Mcr.)
     This drive is capable of sub-fusion reaction (plasma) drives using water as r.m., but requiring 0.5EP per G of thrust (2EP).
Fusion Power Plant (TL8-11), 10EP, 1dt, 0.5Mcr.
Fuel: 1dt (4 weeks)
space for maintenance: 0.2dt
Total Engines: 4G thrust (dur.84Gh), 8EP avail. (672hrs. dur.), 5.4dt, 1.14Mcr8~0.741McrImp.

Reaction Mass, H2O (0.6dt/hr.), 12.6dt (21 hours full thrust--84G-hrs. thrust duration)

Standard, DM-4, 3dt, 0.5Mcr.
Computer, R5f :: Man./0, Library (-.---, 0.045)
Acceleration Couch, 2ea., 1dt, 0.06Mcr.
Total: 4dt, 0.605Mcr8~0.394McrImp.

Airlock: 1dt, 0.2Mcr8~0.13McrImp.

Total Vessel minus payload: 25dt, 6.075McrImp.

Payload: 15dt
Cabin Space (4 crew hot bunking), 2ea. units, 3dt, 0.15Mcr.

     Current Load-out:
Workshop, 1ea., 6dt, 0.9Mcr.
Cargo: 6dt
     Total for current load-out (shown above): 12dt, 1.05Mcr8~0.683McrImp.

Other common load-outs:

     Option #A
Acceleration Couch, 18ea., 9dt, 0.54Mcr.
Cargo (baggage): 3dt,
     Total Option A (not shown above): 12dt, 0.69Mcr8~0.449McrImp.

     Option #B
Cabin Space for 6, 9dt, 0.45Mcr.
Carbo (baggage): 3dt,
     Total Option B (not shown above): 12dt, 0.6Mcr8~0.39McrImp.

     Option #C
Cargo or tanker: 12dt, 0.0McrImp.

Total Cost: 

Current Load-out: 6.758McrImp.
Option A: 6.524McrImp.
Option B: 6.465McrImp.
Option C: 6.075McrImp.


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