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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mTraveller MRB ship design for M.S. Ataraxis

Serenity class freighter (TL12)

Firefly Mark V.1, by license at Irwin-deWitte Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc.

Hull: 500dt, (code 5), Streamlined close structure, Self-sealing, Hull-10/Structure-10, {40.2Mcr.}
Armour: Crystaliron Metal, 4 Points {25dt, 6.4Mcr.}

Jump Drive: Type H, Jump 3 {45dt, 40Mcr.}

Maneuver Drive: Type K, Thrust 4 {19dt, 40Mcr.}

Power Plant: Type K {25dt, 80Mcr.}

Bridge: {20dt, 2.5Mcr.}

Computer: Model/4, Rating 20 {5Mcr.}

Electronics: Basic Civilian, -2DM, {1dt, 0.05Mcr.} (Note: 1dt add’l sp. near bridge set aside/upgrades to Basic Military, {2dt, 1Mcr.})
Weapons: (Five Hard points) {5dt, --Mcr.}; Fire Control Space {4dt, --Mcr.}

Fuel: 36dt for 604.8 hours duration + 150dt for one Jump-3

Cargo: 90dt; Other Options: Sickbay {16dt, 1Mcr.}; 9 Staterooms (5 crew/4 high passage): {36dt, 4.5Mcr.};
1ea. Air/raft (mule) and cradle {5dt, 0.6Mcr.}; 2ea. 10dt Launches in surface docking niches {20dt, 10.84Mcr.}
Fuel Scoops: Yes; Fuel purification: None {2dt space, --Mcr.}

Totals: {500dt, 231.09Mcr.}

The M.S. Ataraxis:

As above except for the following:
1. A fuel purification plant (40dt/day) {2dt, +0.1Mcr.}
2. A collapsible fuel bladder for use of 50dt of cargo space for additional fuel load (1 jump-1). {-2dt, +0.05Mcr.}
3. Basic Military Sensors are installed {+1Mcr.}.
4. Two triple turrets installed with three Pulse Laser-10 (Accurate/Long Range, DM-1/Range=Med.) each, & one triple turret with three missile launchers. {+11.25Mcr.} Fire Control Computer & Workstation (Model/7fib) & Software for both computer systems {{2dt, +61.3Mcr.}}
5. Missile load: 44 (30+14) Smart Missiles, 24 (6+18) Nuclear Missiles {+0.2Mcr.}
6. Luxuries: {3.6dt, +0.36Mcr.}
7. Clamp System for two 50dt Modular Cutters (Includes installation of two airlocks and the clamps and assorted hardware): {12dt, +3Mcr.}, Performance drops to Jump-2 (using 120dt fuel) when carrying one or two Cutters. Cutter #1 supplied by University sponsoring Prof. MacDougal (Customized model); cutter #2 w/fuel module purchased by BMC.
Cargo reduced to 72.4dt.
M.S. Ataraxis Totals: {308.35Mcr.} (Total does not include cost of Cutters.)

M.S. Ataraxis Cargo Manifest

Reserve for Mail Contract: {leased out during current charter}
Reserve for Company Business: {0.4dt}
Reserve for MacDougal/Chang baggage: {4dt}
Reserve for Stores & Parts: {12dt, 0.120Mcr.}
Reserve for Engineering Shop Module installed (Power drawn from Mule): {6dt}

Shipping Capacity: {50.0dt}

Ship's Computer Software Package:

Jump Control/3
Cost 6.3Mcr.

Fire Control/4*
Cost 10Mcr.

*Used on Fire Control Computer.

Crew: Captain (cabin#1), Pilot (cabin#3), Co-Pilot/Navigator (cabin#2), Ship's Doctor (cabin#4), 2ea. Engineers (cabins#3,5), 2ea. Passenger Service (cabin#6), 3ea. Gunners/Security (cabins#4 & Portside 10dt Launch), Two High Pass. or 4ea. Middle Pass. [Currently Sir Dr. MacDougal in Cabin #7 & Lady Chang in Cabin #8, w/the Mentat and Security person in the Starboard 10dt Launch] (cabins#7,8), and 1-2 Middle Pass. (cabin #9--Currently converted to hydroponic room).
Sickbay capacity = 2ea. surgery + 2ea. recovery lounge.

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