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Monday, May 11, 2009

Firefly Mk 7.2 Light Missile Corvette

Firefly Mk. 7.2 Light Missile Corvette
Firefly Mark VII.2, by license at Irwin-deWitte Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufactured at Olympus Mons Vista Shipyards, Mars Terra/Sol.

This design is now available for customers wanting the latest technology in Small Navy vessels. This model is configured for deep penetration attacks to be followed by Mk.7.1 squadrons to haul away cargo. This vessel (with the new drop tanks) can Jump 4 parsecs, deliver 10 rounds of missiles to the enemy while fending off any fighter screens and then immediately jump out. If tactically necessary, the vessel can stay on station for 4 hours with full shields at 4 G's acceleration.

Hull: Advanced (TL15) 500dt, (code 5), Streamlined close structure, Self-sealing, Hull-14/Structure-14, {60.3Mcr.}
Radiation Shielding (Prot 6 vs Rad.) {125Mcr.}
Armor: Bonded Superdense Metal, 6 AP {25dt, 64Mcr.}
Shields: Level 4

Jump Drive (TL15): Advanced Type K, Jump 4 {41.25dt, 200Mcr.}
Fast Cycle Option {+20Mcr.}
Power Plant (TL15): Advanced Type K {23.25dt, 160Mcr.} with new fuel efficiency mods^
Maneuver Drive (TL15): Adv. Gravitic Type K, Thrust 4 {14.25dt, 80Mcr.}
Engine Pod x2 (TL15): Dual Reaction Drive System Advanced Type K, Thrust +4, {14.25dt, 80Mcr.} These engines integrate a TL15 hydrogen fusion reactor and HePlaR reaction chamber thrusters using gravitational compression* which generate their own power, and when used in most atmospheres require no fuel. They use 50dt fuel per hour at 4G thrust (1hr of full additional thrust per J-number of fuel used.) Combined, all maneuver drives can deliver a whopping 8Gs thrust.
Total Engineering {93dt, 540Mcr.}
*IMTU, an engineer passing a “Difficult” level task/skill check may as an emergency move, double the thrust of these drives at the same fuel consumption rate and engine size.

Bridge (TL12): {20dt, 2.5Mcr.}
Computer: Model/7fib, Rating 35 {45Mcr.}
Software: Maneuver/0, Library, Jump Control/4(R20), Fire Control/5(R25), Evade/1(R10), Auto-Repair/1(R5), Intellect(R10) {11.4Mcr.}
Electronics: Advanced Military, DM +1, {3dt, 2Mcr.}

Weapons (TL15): {5dt, 36Mcr.}
1dt HP1 Triple Pulse Laser-10 Turret (Accurate DM-1, Long Range—PL range = Med.) {4Mcr.}
1+5dt HP2 Particle Accelerator Barbette-11 (Accurate DM+1, VH Yield—dmg. 3s min.) {16Mcr.} [Damage=4d6+Radiation Crew Hit]
1+5dt HP3 Particle Accelerator Barbette-11 (Accurate DM+1, VH Yield—dmg. 3s min.) {16Mcr.} [Damage=4d6+Radiation Crew Hit]
1dt HP4 >
30dt Missile Bay-12 (12 flights of missiles) + 20dt Magazine (240 missiles)
in cargo area of ship takes up HP #'s 4 & 5. {24Mcr. + 0.570Mcr. per typical load}
1dt HP5 >

Fuel: 201dt: 1dt for 638.4 hours duration^ + (200)dt for one Jump-4
Streamlined Drop Tank {+200dt, 0.44Mcr.} Allows 1 Jump-3, 1 Jump-2, 1 hour Reaction Mass, & Rem. Dur.=350h if not dropped, or if dropped allows 2 Jump-4, Rem. Dur.=350h, or Jump & then reaction mass for reaction drives.

Cargo: 0dt; Missile Bay (30dt); Magazine (240 missiles/20dt);
Plantier Area Effect Shield Generator (Level-4 |Hits 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4|)-10dt {35Mcr.}; Stores (5dt). {65dt}

Other Options: Sickbay {16dt, 1Mcr.}; 9 Staterooms (5 crew/4 high passage) {36dt, 4.5Mcr.} plus two additional at HP 2 & 3; Clamping system and fuel feeds for drop tanks or other external carried craft {10+2dt, 5Mcr.}; Particle Barbettes are installed at HP’s 2 & 3. In each location, the barbette is installed with an extra stateroom & 1dt personal space (sometimes used to smuggle small items) in place of the 10dt launch normally installed at that location on Mark Vs and earlier models {4dtx2, 0.5x2Mcr.}.

Total Other: {84dt, 12.1Mcr.}

Fuel Scoops: Yes; Fuel purification: 80dt fuel per day {4dt space, 0.2Mcr.}

Totals: {500dt, 986.86Mcr.}

Crew: Captain (cabin#1), Pilot (cabin#3), Co-Pilot/Navigator (cabin#2), Ship's Doctor (cabin#4), 2ea. Engineers (cabins#3,5), 2ea. Passenger Service (cabin#6), 3ea. Gunners/Security (cabins#4 & Portside Cabin), Two High Pass. or 4ea. Middle Pass. [typically one 4 person fire team of marines] (cabins#7,8), 2ea. Screens Operators (cabin #9), and 2ea. Missile Bay Gunners (Starboard Cabin).
Sickbay capacity = 2ea. surgery + 2ea. recovery lounge.

^Per "Signs & Portents, Issue #76"

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