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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

300dt TL9 Antique Systems Defense Boat, Mk2


Built using older techniques that would put crews in space for lengthy periods of time, this class of gunship is still used in frontier systems, out-of-the-way planetary pickets and by relatively low-tech planetary navies. Launched into space around an important area that requires protection, the defense boat’s job is to lay in wait for word from patrols that a threat is in-bound. By the time the threat has arrived, the defense boat will be in position and can begin launching its deadly torpedo payload. Normal crew is the captain, a pilot, 2 engineers and 3 gunners. TL9.
This vessel, designated Mk.2, has been produced for export in compliance with Imperial regulations against so-called "dirty" power plants. The main fission reactor has been removed and replaced with a fusion reactor, and the armament changed. For the picture above, you have to imagine these changes.

Antique Systems Defense Boat

300dt Distributed Configuration, H/S = 6/6 (300dt, 10.8Mcr.)
Armour: AF6 Titanium (15%vol., 45dt, 1.8Mcr.)
     Total Hull: {255dt avail., 12.6Mcr.}

No Jump Drive - -
Maneuver Drive: Type J (6G),
          Bifurcated: 2ea. Type E gravitic M-drive (3G thrust separately) ganged to yield type J performance. (18dt, 40Mcr.)
Power Plant: Type J Fusion Plant (R6) (35dt, 72.0Mcr)
Additional tankage (21dt, --.-)
          Fuel Tankage for Power plant: (29dt, --.-)
               Combined tankage of 50dt provides 933hours duration (5.56weeks)
     Total Engineering: {103dt, 112.0Mcr.}

Standard Ship class bridge (20dt, 1.5Mcr.)
Computer: Model/2 (R10) (--, 0.16Mcr.)
Electronics: Basic Civilian (DM-2) (1dt, 0.05Mcr.)
     Total Bridge/Controls: {21dt, 1.71Mcr.}

Hardpoint #1 Particle Beam PA-11 100dt Bay
          (Adv.+3, Variable Range, High Yield--Dmg. 18-54pts,
               9d6, Med. to V.Long Rng., 101dt, 40.0Mcr.)
Hardpoint #2 Triple Turret: Pulse Laser PL-10, 3ea.
          (Adv.+3, Accurate, Long Range, 2d6, DM-1, Med. Rng., 1dt, 2.5Mcr.)
Hardpoint #3 Double Turret (Sandcaster x2) (1dt, 1.0Mcr.)
               Sandcaster barrels, 40ea. (2dt, 0.02Mcr.)
               []Cargo: 10dt at rear of old torpedo magazine (new hatch added).
     Total Weapons: {115dt, 43.52Mcr.}

Staterooms, 4ea. {16dt, 2.0Mcr.}

Maneuver/0 - Library - Evade/1 (R10) (1.0Mcr.) - Fire Control/1 (R10) (1.0Mcr.)

Ship Totals, incl. cost of software: {300dt, 173.83Mcr. ~~ 121.681McrImp}

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