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Saturday, September 10, 2016

alt/TL10 100dt Eagle-class Scout/Courier & Multipurpose craft


TL10 100dt standard hull, H/S=(1.429/1.429)1/1, {2McrA}
     +Self-sealing {+1Mcr.}
     +Landing Suspension (10%vol.) {10dt, 10McrA}
AF6 BSD Armor (5%vol.) {5dt, 1McrA}
Total Hull: 85dt avail., AF6, H/S=1/1, SS, 14McrA~10.5McrImp

Engines (Ship Class):
Type C Epstein Drive (GCNTR Reaction Drive), 6G thrust.
     Reaction Mass Consumed: 0.3dt per hour at full thrust)
     {5dt, 6McrA}
Fuel Tankage: 24dt Water (480G-h or 80h continuous thrust)
Type C Fission Power Plant (TL7, P6 Rating)
     Fuel Usage: 6dt per year radioactives
     {20dt, 48Mcr7~38.4McrA}
Fuel Bunker: {1dt} (2 months duration, refueled from MoonBase)
Type A Gravitational Suspension Drive (TL9, 2G suspension—2G thrust within 100 diameters)
     {2dt, 4Mcr9~3.734McrA}
Total Engineering and Fuel: {2+6 G thrust, P6, 52dt, 48.134McrA}

Small Craft cabin x2 or Sm.Cr.Cockpit x4 (DM-4, 6.0dt, 0.5McrA)
     +Holographic controls (Init.+2, +0.125McrA)
     +Radiation Hardened (AF6/1000rads protection, +0.125McrA)
Basic Military Sensors (DM0, 2.0dt, 1McrA)
Computers: Model 2fib (R10, 0.224McrA)
Total Controls: {8dt, 1.974McrA}

Weapons Hardpoint
     Triple fixed Forward firing Turret
     2ea. Pulse Laser-10 (Advanced--+3, Range=Short, DM-1, Dmg.4-12),
     1ea. Beam Laser-10 (Advanced--+1, Range=Long, DM0, Dmg.2-6)
     {1.0dt, 2.5McrA}

Payload: 25dt avail.
     Typical Load-out:
2ea. Ship Class Staterooms {8dt, 1McrA}
2ea. Laboratories {8dt, 2McrA}
1ea. Air/Raft or ATV garage {4dt, 0.3McrA}
10ea. Probe Drones {2dt, 1Mcr.}
Cargo: {3dt}

TOTALS for vessel:
{100dt, H/S=1/1, AF6, SS, HS, Init.+2, DM0, 2+6G thrust, 67.408McrA~50.556McrImp}

Here is the Eagle with an additional GCNTR thruster attached bringing performance to +8G thrust:


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