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Friday, September 9, 2016

100dt Sublight Scout

Custom design for Baron Jetson

This scout is usually dropped into a system with one of Baron Jetson's modified 1000dt Bulk Carriers. During the action against Belgardian Sojourn authority, the Baron procured and deployed ten of these with the Particle Beam barbette installed. Three of the first ten of these vessels, numbers 3, 5, & 7, were later refitted with variant engine system noted below.


100dt hull, TL16, H/S=4/4, SL, SS, AF12 BSD. Darrian manufactured, transhipped to Vip (0210, Florian League) for outfitting.

100dt, TL16, H/S=4/4, 4McrImp.
+SL, +10% cost, 0.4McrImp.
+SS, 0.01Mcr/dt, 1McrImp.
AF12 BSD armor, +10% vol., +100% cost, 10dt, 4McrImp.
Total Hull:
90dt avail., H/S=4/4, AF12, SL, SS, 9.4McrImp.
Stealth Coating added at Vip yards, DM-4, 10McrImp.

Standard Bridge, TL13, 10dt, 0.5McrD~0.45McrImp.
+Holographic Controls, Init. +2, 0.1125McrImp.
+Radiation Shielding, 1000rads, AF6 effective, 0.1125McrImp.
Computer: Model 7fib (thus doubly shielded), R35, 45McrImp.
Very Advanced, DM+2, 5dt, 3.4McrImp.
Enhanced Signal Processing, DM+4, Range+2, 2dt, 7.2McrImp.
Probe Drone Launch Hanger,
     1dt, up to 0.77dt size cap., 0.2McrImp.
10 Probe Drones, 2dt, 1McrImp.
Total Bridge, Controls, Sensors, Probes, et al.,
     20dt, Init.+2, DM+6, Range+2, no jam, 57.475McrImp.

Type C gravitic M-drive, TL9, 6G, 5dt, 12Mcr9~8.4McrImp.
Type C fusion power plant, TL12, 10dt, uses 3dt fuel/week,
8 weeks duration, 24dt fuel tank.
Fuel Processor, 20dt/day, 1dt, 0.5McrC~0.043McrImp.
Total Engines and fuel:
     40dt, 6G thrust, P6, 8 weeks duration, 28.843McrImp.

Variant Engines:
Type C gravitic M-drive, adv.+4, TL13, 3dt, 48McrC~40.8McrImp.
     6G thrust, Pwr. Plant @ R6.
Type C fission power plant, adv.+9, TL13, 9.5dt, 26.4MCrD~23.76McrImp.
     uses 6dt of radioactives per year
Fuel Bunker, 3dt, 182days (4383hours) duration.
Type C reaction M-drive, adv.+2, TL9, 4.5dt, 15Mcr9~10.5McrImp.
     uses part of fuel tankage from fusion model above, 6G thrust
Remaining 20dt, L-Hyd. tanks are converted to water reaction mass.
     [Fusion torch, 8G-hours thrust using L-Hyd., 72G-hours thrust using water.]
12 hours of full thrust using water.
Total Variant Engines and fuel:
     40dt, 6G thrust, P6, +6G thrust/12hours, 26 weeks duration, 75.06McrImp.
     46.217McrImp net increase in cost.

Stateroom (2ea.), 8dt, 1McrImp.

Full Hydroponics (4ea.), 16dt, 4McrImp.
Hardpoint, 1dt. Triple Turret, PA-11 Particle Beam Weapon, 4McrC.
Cargo, 5dt.

When Baron Jetson fought the Belgardian navy, this vessel installed a PA-11 Particle Accelerator Barbette weapon (8McrC) reducing cargo to 1dt.

Total Sublight Scout:
100dt, H/S=4/4, AF12, Init.+2, DM+6, Range+2, detected DM-4,
6G thrust, P6, 8 weeks duration, 110.718McrImp (Qty. 99.65McrImp.)

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