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Thursday, September 8, 2016

SS Pippin, 100dt Scout

100dt Scout



100dt hull, TL16, H/S=4/4, SL, SS, AF12 BSD. Darrian manufactured, transhipped to Vip (0210, Florian League) for outfitting.

100dt, TL16, H/S=4/4, 4McrImp.
+SL, +10% cost, 0.4McrImp.
+SS, 0.01Mcr/dt, 1McrImp.
AF12 BSD armor, +10% vol., +100% cost, 10dt, 4McrImp.
Total Hull:
90dt avail., H/S=4/4, AF12, SL, SS, 9.4McrImp.
Stealth Coating added at Vip yards, DM-4, 10McrImp.

Standard Bridge, TL13, 10dt, 0.5McrD~0.45McrImp.
+Holographic Controls, Init. +2, 0.1125McrImp.
+Radiation Shielding, 1000rads, AF6 effective, 0.1125McrImp.
Computer: Model 7fib (thus doubly shielded), R35, 45McrImp.
Very Advanced, DM+2, 5dt, 3.4McrImp.
Enhanced Signal Processing, DM+4, Range+2, 2dt, 7.2McrImp.
Probe Drone Launch Hanger,
     1dt, up to 0.77dt size cap., 0.2McrImp.
10 Probe Drones, 2dt, 1McrImp.
Total Bridge, Controls, Sensors, Probes, et al.,
     20dt, Init.+2, DM+6, Range+2, no jam, 57.475McrImp.

Engines (adv.+3):
Type C gravitic M-drive, TL12, 6G, 3.75dt, 20.4McrImp.
Type C fusion power plant, TL15, 7.5dt, 48McrImp.
     Uses 3dt fuel/week,
Type A- warp drive, TL15, 1psc/wk, [6*.75] 4.5dt, 12McrImp.
8 weeks duration, 24dt fuel tank.
Fuel Processor, 5dt/day, 0.25dt, 0.013McrImp.
Total Engines and fuel:
     40dt, 6G thrust, P6, 8 weeks duration (4wks @ warp), 80.413McrImp.

Stateroom (2ea.), 8dt, 1McrImp.

Full Hydroponics (4ea.), 16dt, 4McrImp.
Hardpoint, 1dt. Triple Turret, PA-11 Particle Beam Weapon, 4McrC~3.4McrImp.
Cargo, 5dt.

Total Scout:
100dt, H/S=4/4, AF12, Init.+2, DM+6, Range+2, detected DM-4,
1psc/week, 6G thrust, P6, 8 weeks duration (4 weeks @ warp), 
165.688McrImp (Maint.=13.81KcrImp/month)

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